About Lune Station: You’ve Arrived at Your Destination!

“Passangers to Lune Station, please exit the train through the doors on the left!”

“You’ve arrived at your destination!”

Welcome to Lune Station! Located on the moon itself, it’s the train stop to those who want to read, comment and enjoy general culture – be it pop culture or not.

The blog was created on October, 2020, in the day of a full moon – and, just like the moon on this phase, its goal is to bring light to those in need of it.

With informative but lighthearted content, we from Lune Station will bring to you reviews, opinions, suggestions, nostalgia, news (and a lot more!), based on general culture – reaching different people, tastes and interests.

A Concept Is Born

The idea was born after the three lunar goddesses Artemis, Selene and me, Hekate, would spend exciting hours talking about the most diverse subjects and we realized that, besides having something in common, there’s a passion for what we were talking about; we felt happy to have people with whom we could share those thoughts and opinions – so why not find more people that might like to talk about those things too, right?

And that’s when we decided to unite our passions and interests in one place, but that’s a story for another post.

(Also, if you want to get to know our authors better, you can find info on this post:

Creating Lune Station

Our road to our “debut” was at least funny: choosing a name for a project is by far one of the hardest things to do – and it wasn’t different with Lune. Our initial thought was to do something with “trivia”, but it was already being used.

After some time and a lot of ideas – not very good ideas – we realized that the moon was something special for the three of us.

With an image on the internet that won Selene’s heart, making me and Artemis fall in love as well, “Moon Station” was born. During our super professional researches – cofcof, instagram and Google search, cofcof – we found nothing with that name. Finally, our project was starting to shape itself!

Until, when we got to the point of registering the domain name (domain name in case someone doesn’t know – some of us also didn’t know – is the “www.etc….”), with everything already done, the domain was UNAVAILABLE, and worst, the person who bought it wasn’t even using it.

The aftershock was big throughout the lunar lands, and we nicknamed the human being – who threw a bucket of cold water on our project – of “capybaro(yes, from brazilian capybaras).

But, soon after, we thought of Lune (which is moon in French) and we kept the Station from the “original” idea.

Why Lune Station Was Born?

Lune Station, on a literal translation, means “Moon Station” – but what we, founders and authors, want it to really mean is home: you know that welcoming feeling of comfort, care and even protection? We want the people who embark on this voyage to moon station to feel truly at home, and to feel free to always be here!

Therefore, the moon station comes to the internet wanting to have a bigger role than just being another blog about culture or a space to create some sort of content. It comes with a desire to maybe change the world, or at least change some minutes of the readers life: bringing a smile, a new discovery or just some distraction – be it during this time of pandemics – or during any other moment of life.

We created a space in which the readers and collaborators can talk and interact, be it on the comments here on the blog or by social media. A space where you can truly find a feeling of being welcome, represented and loved.

All the reviews, suggestions and observations written here are and will be opinions and reflexions of us, authors. All and every opinion and/or suggestion will be respected, as it is expected reciprocity in this matter. Empathy and reciprocity are words and actions constantly sown and used around here.

To all those who got ’til here, I already thank you for the attention and time and I wish to see you on other lunar voyages, comments and posts!

With love,

Hi, I’m Gabriela, known better around here as Hekate. Born and Raised in São Paulo, double Scorpio, passionate about everything regarding pop culture and, sometimes, not so pop. Romantic Comedies, books by Sidney Sheldon, underground playlists and musicians, kpop and Corinthians are my biggest passions. Aspiring Chef and writer, lover of tea and hugs.