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Bright Side of the Moon: The Exorcist – A Story of Possesion and Fear

Movie trailer (with Portuguese subtitles)

For the Bright Side of the Moon – on contrary to the extremely funny trashy so bad it’s good movie I brought to the Dark Side of the Moon – on this post, both the book and the movie are good, which is one of the titles that I couldn’t watch more than two times. It’s something that really gets to me.

The Exorcist, if it’s not the best horror movie, is super on the top of the ranking. From 1973, it’s based on the book with the same name, that was published in 1971 – inspired on the registers of a supposedly real case, from 1949, in which a priest says he performed an exorcise on a 13 year old boy in Mount Rainier, on Maryland.

William Peter Blatty‘s Brazilian book cover
(image source: images amazon)

Yes, the fact that it’s inspired in real reports makes everything a lot more frightening, because it’s something that can easily happen – in my opinion – on real life, more than a zombie invasion or a vampire attack, for instance.

As I recall it, everyone with who I talk about horror movies has already watched this movie – which is a classic with the possession theme and they usually say it’s the best one. I completely agree – and go even further – even with limited special effects because of the year it was shot, it has such a good makeup and photography, that it gets you to that whole atmosphere. It isn’t behind the great editions and technologies we have nowadays, for titles of the same genre.

And it’s like this that we notice it’s not an effect or edition that makes the movie, or cinematographic production, a success. It’s the whole concept, direction, production, interpretation – and in the Exorcist’s case – like many believe, a cursed set, where bizarre things happened during the production.

Stills from the movie production (image source: img ibxk)

The Exorcist – About the Movie

The movie tells the story of an actress who is filming in Georgetown, Washington, and has a twelve year old daughter. She notices gradually that her daughter’s actions are weird and frightening. The girl starts with convulsions, then goes through levitating, super strength, a weirdly demonic voice – besides all the curse words and blasphemies which the girl wasn’t used to say.

Worried with that behaviour, the mother decides to take her to a hospital for a series of exams and psychological tests. She already suspected it could be a problem from puberty – which was the phase the young girl was starting – and, after anything was gound, no exams or tests with abnormalities, the next possibility would be some sort of possession or malevolent energy, influencing the behaviour and bizarre episodes that had been happening.

The mother contacts, then, a priest who is also a psychiatristfor an analysis – and, when he suspeccts the child might be possessed, she decides to contact another priest – this one specialized in exorcisms. Both start to run against time itself to save the soul of the little girl, who is getting more and more lost inside her body that was in possession of an ancient demon.

Scene in which bizarre things start to happen (GIF source: portal do zacarias)

The best scenes – the most distressing and the ones that leaves us wanting to slap the face of whom is possessing the girl’s body – happen on her room, on the second floor of the house.

Where, besides more levitations, we have the iconic scene of the 360º head spin, the many tries of the demon to destabilize both physically and psychologically the men who try to get rid of him – among other things. The way it hurts the body it took to itself, also makes this evil spirit, apart from very famous, one of the most hated of all time.

The endingwhich is a little sad – is compensating somehow. We grow fond of the characters and root for good to beat evil. Which does happen – but evil never goes away empty handed, right?

What really matters is that the main character – who is just a 12 year old child – manages to live life the best way possible, away from that place, that triggered so many bad feelings.

An iconic scene, in which the possessed girl spins her neck (image source: cdn)

What left me more frightened after watching the movie – and which, perhaps, made it even more bizarre – were the supernatural facts that happened during the filming.

I know that those are just speculations and some confirmed facts are just coincidence – but, in my mind that really is scared of spirits, does make a lot of sense. Like the fire on the set, which started out of nowhere and with no indications of what might have caused it. Some deaths of people close to those who were somehow envolved on the movie production and execution. And even a priest was called to the studio to bless the space, after some terrible things happened.

Movie scene (image source: darkside blog)

The evil spirit who takes over the girl’s body is no less than Pazuzu – Sumerian demon – who was king of the wind demons and son of the god Hanbi. It also represented the southwest wind – and I do believe on it: once I took a blast of southwest wind on the beach that hurt a lot; but also, who when it starts to rain with wind keeps on taking shelter on an umbrella instead of going back to where they’re staying? – that always brought storms and drought.

I confess it’s a long time since I last watched this movie – and yes, I couldn’t watch it again to write this post for reasons of: I’m really scared. But some scenes and passages are still so clear in my mind – it’s difficult to list how many movies do that to me, even more the horror ones.

There are some things in this production that makes it so iconic – and it isn’t even because the special effects and filming techniques were great news for that time – because when I watched it, we were already at least on the 2000’s, when the effects and technology were already way beyond the 73’s production.

Scene in which Pazuzu’s statue appears at the beginning of the movie (image source: img ibxk)

Bonus, No Regrets: Watch and Read The Exorcist

Well, that’s all: watch this classic on this Halloween – you won’t regret it; and this is something more than proven. Also, read the book too if you can – I myself finished reading mine? No, but that’s because I’m terribly scared (I don’t know if you managed to notice reading the post until here – but yeah, I’m scared of it, and that’s why I recommend it so surely that there’ll be no regrets).

Link for the movie online:

Bright Side of the Moon on Lune Station

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