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Dark Side Of The Moon: Fred Claus – Your Christmas Nap

You thought the Christmas dose of the year was done here at Lune Station? Well, you are very wrong: our special this week are the bad Christmas movies – after so many good recommendations this week.

On this post, I could talk about a GIANT list of weak Christmas movies – because yes, there are many and I’ve watched thousands of them – mostly the romance ones that have a similar plot and the movie making looks really amateur.

But I wouldn’t be able to talk about any of those: I like this type of movie too much. Then I remembered the comedy movies that surround Santa Claus, his successors and villains trying to take his place.

Fred Claus is one of those, that clearly would be part of the movies that are showed during the afternoons on Brazilian networks – and that no one can take it anymore.

Movie poster (image source: mzstatic)

Alright, on this one it isn’t the good old man looking for someone to take his place – which usually is his son or that annoying character who doesn’t like this time of the year – but it’s an extremely tiring plot, on which the evil Santa Claus brother takes action, goes to the toy factory help the elves and then, the ending is obvious: he understands the true Christmas magic and changes his positions.

That’s it, take your notebooks and record the next bad movie recommendations on this special – so you can stay far, far away from them.

Fred Claus: About the Movie

Fred Claus is a 2007 movie, signed by the director David Dobkin and has great names on the cast, as Vince Vaughn, Paul Giamatti (Madame Bovary), Rachel Weisz (The Mummy) and Miranda Richardson (Maleficent). And no, not even with a cast like this there’s salvation for this movie.

Paul Giamatti (Santa) and Vicent Vaughn (Fred) (image source: onecms)

Ok, I’m not a critic with a diploma in any arts to say what I’m going to say now, but as a continuous spectator of bad movies – I really like to watch movies like that, to pass the time – I certainly classify Fred Claus as a super bad Christmas movie.

It’s synopsis is: “From the Noel brothers, Fred is a troublemaker, opposity from his brother Nicholas, who is a saint. When Fred’s criminal shenanigans finally puts him in danger, Nicholas helps him and takes him to the North Pole to work building toys. Headaches surround St. Nick, who not only has to deal with his problematic brother, but also a productivity specialist who arrived to evaluate the functioning of the factory.” (translated from Portuguese by Artemis)

And upon reading that we think it might be a more sensitive movie about family relations or comedyand maybe that was their first try, a combination of both, but it resulted in a very weak plot and flow, not managing to achieve none of the proposed objectives.

Movie still (image source: amcnetworks)

I watched when I was younger and didn’t understand very well the concept of the comedy and thought it was because it was aimed towards adults – but when I watched again a little older, I kept the same: so it’s a mystery the real proposal of the movie, which is classified as a comedy and fantasy.

The fantasy we can notice very well – even because there’s a Santa in the movie – but, apart from that, with both the idea and the cast, it was possible to make something better and that communicated nicely with the audience.

All that thing of opposite brothers and their behaviour and character is something very cliché on comedy and soft drama North American movies, so it’s very easy to know the plot from the start.

One of the brothers is an example of human being, dear and beloved by people – and this characteristics stays with our Santa Claus, Nicholas Claus. The other is a selfish, troublemaking human being, who treats people the worst way possible, always thinking about himself and ends up away from any type of love or affection he might receive – and that’s our main character, Santa’s brother, who is fondly nicknamed – at least here in Brazil – as Uncle Claus, Frederic Claus.

Movie scene (GIF source: tenor)

Fred, as a good bad human being, doesn’t spare efforts on being despicable – thinking only about himself, tricking and stealing people who believe on his “good faith” and think they are making a real good deed.

During some time in his life, this sort of worked, but when he gets arrested again and he acquires a millionary debt, Santa Claus – as a good brother – takes him out of jail, but in exchange for saving him that time, he makes a deal for Fred to work on the toy factory and earn his money.

And that’s when the comedy “starts”.

His relationship with elves and Santa’s helpers is somewhat funny, the fact he has to adapt to patterns and sizes of the little ones is kinda cool, but nothing that saves the movie.

Well, in short, at the end he starts being a better human, his brother forgives all his mishaps and everyone lives happily ever after.

And guys, the movie isn’t weak just because the plot is predictable: it’s weak because it’s development is bad, the acting is so so and nothing there gets your attention for more than 15 minutes – maybe to leave it playing on TV while doing other things or, just like me, who collects watched Christmas movies, to risk from your list.

Movie Trailer

But if You Want to Watch:

If even after all this text you still want to watch to get your own opinion, here’s some places where it’s available.

To those who have paid TV channels, it’s available on HBO.

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