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Lunar Arcade: “Absolute Beginner” Tips for Dead By Daylight!

Some months ago, I started playing Dead By Daylight – a game I already followed for years and always wanted to play, but my computer was too bad to run it or I didn’t have any friends to play with. But now, I’m on the DBD scene and no one can stop me.

For those who are just starting, it can be a little chaotic and even generate an information overload that, on your first match, you’ll probably be saying “WHAT?!” more than you thought you would.

While running in circles trying to do something, anything it might be.

So, for it to be less chaotic, I thought about making today’s post with a few tips for those who are absolute beginners on the game and are as lost as I was. Not that you’ll stop running in circles, but it can help you save a little time.

So come with me, because today on Artemis’ wagon the theme is: survive and don’t scream around like a seagull everytime Michael Myers just teleports by your side.

What is Dead By Daylight?

Game cover (image source: wikipedia)

A survival horror game, on assimetric format: four survivors and one killer in a match to escape the arena or to kill everyone.

Easy, huh?

Each arena is a theme and random map – meaning you never know which map you’ll get and, everytime a game begins, the map configuration is different. Therefore, you can only know the possible places things will spawn, not be sure.

While the killer’s mission is to hurt survivors and hang them on hooks as tribute to the Entity, the survivor’s missions is to complete objectiveslike fixing fenerators and cleansing totems – in order to open the arena gates and escape.

Finishing those objetives, the players have a point system with four emblems at the end, that can vary from bronze to iridescent, which contributes to go up or down a rank. Every 13th on every month, there’s a rank reset: depending on the player’s rank classification until the 13th day, the player can go down to a certain rank, according to the rules established by the game.

Through bloodpoints won after the matches, it’s possible to up survivors and killers on bloodwebs, winning new perks, items, add-ons and offerings. With iridescent shards also won at the end of the match, it’s possible to buy new skins, characters and cosmetics in general on the in-game store. Auric cells, however, are bought with money and can be used to unlock other cosmetics and characters.

The game has also daily challenges that, when complete, reward with bloodpoints and the challenges of the Archives, that must be selected by the player and also reward in blood points. Don’t forget to always check the Archives and select a challenge!

The game is a multiplayer and, when you’re ready on your survivor/killer screen, you’ll go to matchmaking. Therefore, the game will find other players to put on the same match as you: that way, you only known which killer you’re going against when you find it on the match.

Oh, another important thing: there’s the base game and the DLCswhich are called chapters. Each chapter adds a new killer and a new survivor: like that, they are optional. You can play against a survivor/killer you don’t have, even in DLC maps, but you cant’ play with that killer/survivor without buying the DLC.

Now that we know the basics, let’s go to what really matters!

Game launch trailer

Tips For Those Who Just Started Playing (And is as Lost as I Was)

I’ll separate in tips for both sides, tips for survivors and tips for killers. Feel free to read what interests you most! But I need to remind you that I played more as survivor than killer, so I’ll have more tips on that.

Let’s go!

For Survivors and Killers

“When they explain you the game, you don’t understand it, but participates anyway” – it’s pretty much like even when you know it (image source: love for quotes)

Don’t suffer with the things that happen on the game. Seriously. As expected from a multiplayer game that you play with people against people, there will be serious rage moments. Take deep breaths, get over it and go to another match. You don’t have a way to control human beings, but and YES, they will mostly be stupid and make you feel unbearable anger.

But you can and must control how you react to that or not. Send some ggs and go to the next match, it’s the best option and saves you a headache.

That includes: don’t suffer with bugs and lags. Again, it happens. That’s life. It sucks? Yes. But yeah, it happened, you can end your game night in sorrow or move on just fine and that’s life!

Trust me, eventually you’ll have to do that on your professional life too.

Play both sides. Even though I just started playing as killer, it’s something that gives you a great idea of how to get better on the role you’ll play more. Want to be main survivor? Play as killer and see what are the limits you can explore when playing the other side. Want to be a ruthless killer? Play survivor to understand the reactions and possible actions from players.

Always check the Shrine of Secrets! On the store, it’s the last page. There, you can find teachable perks – meaning, they can be used by any characters if it appears on their bloodweb. Each week, the game makes 2 killer perks and 2 survivor perks available. You can buy with iridescent shards you get after the matches.

It’s interesting to get teachable perks from characters you don’t have and that are strong, being able to change your game quality.

Use and abuse your items and offerings. Because you’ll get everything once again, so it’s ok using now or later. Use it before Prestiging your character – because when you prestige it, you lose all perks and items, having to start all over again.

Train in survive with friends matches. Call those friends who want to get better in DBD for a custom match, get on Discord and test everything you can and can’t do. That might help a lot! Everything you have questions or a hard time doing, this is the moment to train it: and the match doesn’t even has to be serious.

Last time I did it, I followed my friends around as Ghostface while they studied the map to find totems and I wanted to know when they could see me or not.

Think about the most meme-able killer in game (GIF source: tenor)

For Survivors

Wich survivor to chose? To be honest, the one you think it’s best. When you buy the game with no DLCs, the options are Dwight, Meg, Claudette, David, Bill, Jake and Nea. Who you’ll up first will depend on your priority when playing for the first time.

I started out with Meg, because I wanted to run as if there was no tomorrow. She has great perks for that and it’s good for those who are starting out! Dwight I think is good for those who want to know where the other survivors are. Claudette is more focused in cure, Jake is used for the incredible ability of remaining quiet, Nea can fast walk hidden in the map, David is good to escape chases and Bill has great perks for those who survive alone – but personally, I think it’s a little more difficult for those starting now.

My personal opinion and that I’d recommend to a friend just beginning? Meg or Dwight are always great options!

Survivor choosing screen (image source: fiverr)

Noises can mean life or death. For real – there’s a reason why Jake is a beloved survivor for being quiet. Many characters are extremely noisy when hurt, and everything you do is noisy: running around, jumping windows, open lockers and chests, fixing generators… You can’t help it. So always pay attention around you and the noise you’re making! Some killers depend on that!

Yes, Spirit, I’m looking at you who needs your ear to find everyone.

Lockers can be a death sentence. At first it might seem like a great idea to hide in the lockers! But no. It’s not a great idea. If the killer finds you there, he doesn’t even have to hit you: he can already grab you and hook you. Hiding in the locker will only waste time and it’s more risky than a good strategy.

I’m not saying “don’t use lockers” – but don’t depend on them. It’s better to learn how to lose the killer than hiding and be easily found.

That if you don’t have Nancy’s Inner Strength that makes you heal inside lockers, if that’s the case go nuts on them.

The 3 gen curse. On one of my first killer matches, this happened with the survivors and I pitied them, because 3 gent sucks when it happens. A 3 gen situation is quite simple: the last 3 generators left on the map are right by each other’s side and the killer can patrol easily, because there’s no hard time seeing everyone.

The probability of all survivors dying is much higher.

So whenever you’re making a generator, try to do another one literally on the other side of the map. Ot if you see someone from your team finishing a gen, try to do another one on the extreme opposite side. Therefore, the three left will be scattered around the map and the killer will have much more difficulty to patrol.

And don’t stare at the generator while fixing it. That’s where “don’t scream like a seagull everytime Michael Myers appears by your side” enters. If you stare at the gen, there are stealth killers – like Ghostface, Pig, Myers and Wraith – meanint their terror radius is pretty small or doesn’t exist.

If you don’t check around, they can come “out of nowhere”, because you won’t hear them approaching. Trust me, I’m the “screaming like a seagull and getting scared with stealth killers” queen.

A classic jumpscare Myers compilation

Spine Chill. Spine Chill is your best friend. You know the perk with a frightened and hissing cat? That one. He lights up on the bottom of your screen everytime the killer is looking at your direction at a certain range. It can be wonderful against stealth killers and, for those who have no experience on the game, it’ll help you know when to leave or not.

Just don’t run away everytime Spine Chill lights up. It indicates the killer is looking at you, not runnin towards you with bloodshot eyes. Unless it’s a Myers or Ghostface, you’re safe against staring.

I use Spine Chill to this day and I can’t play without it, judge me, thanks, you’re welcome.

Don’t be a crazy person who goes around dropping pallets without a little bit of thinking. Train to be able to look behind you while you run away. Dropping the pallet too early may be something peope too young in the game will do and it’ll only make you waste it. There are a few that are good to drop at first, before trying to at least loop the killer once, so don’t get excited and don’t dop pallets like crazy.

And don’t drop it on your friend who just fot to you. I swear, the other day I was playing with my friend with a Legion seriously chasing me and almost cried out of joy for seeing him on the pallet, I was waiting to cross the pallet and he’d drop it on Legion so we could run…

My friend dropped it on me and I was hit by the killer. He never was so cursed in his life, good thing we are friends.

Do SOMETHING. If you’re not doing something, you’re wasting time. So, always do something. Be it cleansing totems, doing generators, opening chests, sabotaging hooks… Whatever thing you do is more useful than spending your time planted on floor like a carrot.

The ideal is to repair generators. Whenever you aren’t in a chase or saving someone, do a gen. But if you can’t do anything for some reason, go to the next one to do and DO SOMETHING.

DBD is a cooperation game, so play it cooperatively. Nothing sadder than getting into a match and everyone saves their own skins. You can’t survive as a team like this. So be there to help those who play with you: save people, cure, take hits for those about to fall and if you’re healthy, distract the killer, try to save with flashlights and pallets… The options are many. When everyone plays as a team, the killer’s life is much more difficult, trust me.

Yes, there are campers and tunnelers. It’s better learning to deal with it than getting stressed over it. Because getting stressed will only spoil your gaming time. So see that as a challenge! Against tunnelers, the perk Decisive Strike from Laurie Strode is a good idea. Against campers, the perk Borrowed Time from Bill might be great. On both situations, Deliverance from Adam is also a good way to counter killers with those tactics.

Don’t underestimate totems. Unless you want to fall at the end game because of the famous NOED and complain later. No One Escapes Death makes the killer drop you with one hit and it’s a hex that might be unuseful if its totem is cleansed. So that’s a friendly tip.

Don’t be the Bib’sfiha survivor. Here in Brazil, we have a great streamer called Alanzoka and he just went bananas with a survivor he nicknamed Bib’sfiha (it’s a Brazilian fast food). So there’s a 3 and a half educational video of how not to play DBD – it’s all in Portuguese, but raging is beyond language barriers.

This level of rage during the game is real

For Killers

Who’s the best killer for starting out? With the basic game, you have as options Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse and Huntress. Now, which one is better to start, that’s a great question. I think it also depends a lot on your game style. Trapper can set traps around the map, so he’s good for planning. Wraith can be invisible and that might make it easier to find survivors – that’s what I feel it’s the most difficult part as killer. Hillbilly is simple because he has brute strength with a chainsaw and a hammer and can run around like Usain Bolt. Nurse can teleport through the map, although she’s slower than others. And Huntress can throw hatchets, so those who like things with aiming and shooting – hello, I myself playing as sniper in all things with shootings – can be a good idea!

Basically, each killer will have their own abilities that cannot be changed, so you’ll have to see which fits more your playing style before taking on bigger challenges!

Killer selection screen (image source: reddit – ripinchaos)

You can’t find survivors? Go check generators. Because they always have to do something, especially generators. So, if you can’t find anyone, surely you’ll find someone in a gen, eventually.

3 gen is a curse for survivors, but great for killers. And if you can set up a strategy to force a situation like that – like, patrolling the closest gens, forcing survivors to complete the farthest apart and remain only with those 3 gens in a later game – will make your late game easier and theirs more desperating.

And if you have any doubts at the start of the match, go to the generators farthest apart from where you spawned at the start. Because the probability of having survivors far away from the place you spawned is greater than on the gens closer to you.

Use your ears! Survivors are noisy. Sometimes, you don’t need that. But a Spirit, for instance – who can’t see survivors when she phases – must explore this. Notice where noises come from, see if there’s someone panting in pain near you, if there are crows flying and making noises, lockers opening… This kind of thing.

The sad life of a killer (image source: ifunny)

Don’t be afraid of giving up on chases. Look, some are really not worth it, specially if the person is wasting your time for, well, a good time. I know, I know, the more time you spend on a chase, the angrier you get and you want to down that annoying survivor that’s making you run around a rock like a fool. But think about what they are doing: wasting your time.

Time that their team will use to do gens. So, until you hook that bastard, they ccan pop one or two generators – and rare, but possible, even three! – and all that because you wanted to hook that survivor.

Don’t be like Winnie Sanderson who died because she wanted to suck the soul of an specific child. Give up the chase and strike at the oportune moment.

And to chase a lot of people like a crazy person. Because the more you chase survivors, the more they’ll waste running and not doing generators. You don’t have to run like a headless chicken in circles, hook the ones you have the chance to, but don’t worry about “I’ll chase one, hook, and go to another” and spend so much time for only one hook.

Use perks you think are relevant, but it’s always good having something for location and another for gen control. For example, Whispers is like Spine Chill for killers: when survivors are close, it activates. Discordance is from Legion and it I’m not wrong, it’ll give you good info and gen control. And Pop Goes The Weaseal from Clown is already a classic on gen control.

But it’s like I said on the start of this part and on the survivors tips: you have to choose the ones you like more and think fit better with your game style. I’m having a really hard time with Spirit, but nothing that time can’t help – I hope.

The one controlling the match is you. So if you’re still a rank 20, you’ll probably play agains people who are also rank 20 – and, in general, they are scared of you. Use that to your advantage and make everyone panic.

It’s ok if you lose people mid-chase. Killers play in first person, so the easiest thing is to lose survivors mid-chase. If that happens, life goes on: patrol other areas and find another survivor as soon as possible.

Because, sometimes, there are moments like this :3

And At the End, Have Fun!

Because if you’re only going to play something to get stressed, it won’t be fun! Dead By Daylight can be very fun and provide lots of laughs – both among friends and among strangers. So enjoy the moment!

Those are my personal tips I have to share – word of a beginner for other beginners. I hope I could help at least a bit at this fresh start!

Valentine’s Day ~romantic~ killers skins on DBD (image source: twitter)

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