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Lunar Popcorn: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Perhaps More Real Than We Think

Random note: Before starting this post, I need to say that I’m writing it while literally listening to “I’ll Follow You Down” by Gin Blossoms which is definitely one of the best songs on this movie soundtrack, without a doubt. I’ll leave it here below so you can listen to it as well.

Okay, today’s a day for a post a little different – in fact, the whole week will be, once we’re on our dearest Hek birthday week.

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On today’s voyage, we’ll be transported directly into a story (that honestly, I don’t know why, I definitely love it) filled with bets, craziness, cliches and recently discovered loves.

Andie and Benjamin (image source: uai)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

“How to lose a guy in 10 days” is literally one of the main movies – in my opinion – that comes from the lands of classic cliches from the 2000’s. Which, by the way, I’d say it’s very difficult not liking at least one of them – and look, the list is huge.

We have examples such as:

  • He Is Not That Into You
  • The Proposal
  • 13 Going on 30
  • 27 Dresses
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Bride Wars
  • Just Married
  • Made of Honor
  • Miss Congeniality
  • 50 First Dates

We have those and many other movies that were successful that time – and that still are successful to this day, because who doesn’t like a cliche sometimes, after all? – from that kind of movie, that follow the sime type of romantic comedy.

In particular – although I don’t go around saying that – I’m a fan of this type of movie since I was a kid. I simply can’t ignore the genre – maybe because of liking teen comedies from the 80’s since always has some influence on it; maybe because of the cliche that isn’t surprising anymore but, even so, doesn’t get us tired; or simply because one day, I, as all of us, imagined myself in a romantic comedy.

And exactly because of that, I brought this topic to our dear Lunar Station. After all, Lune Station exists not only for our indications and common topics, but also to expose our thoughts in a free manner – and, mark my words, this is going to be one hell of a month.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one of those movies to me! Even if the critics don’t think so.

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About the Plot

image source: filmow

We start the plot with Ben Barry (Matthew Mcconaughey): he is a competitive publicist certainly seen as the famous playboy with his motorcycle. Ben isn’t just that, but also cocky – that’s right, he is cocky and confident.

That’s why he ends up betting with some coworkers – who are unbearable, but somehow with personalities so true to what we find among coworkers nowadays – that he can make a woman fall in love with him in only 10 days.

His victim is obviously Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson), who found herself in the same bar on the night his bet started. The plan was well thought by Ben’s coworkers, once they already knew Anderson. Both of them wanted the diamond campaign Ben also wanted to be responsible for.

image source: vix

What he doesn’t know, is that Andie, as the “how to” column girl, is about to write an article about “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days“. Andie works for the woman’s magazine “Composure”, as a journalist, and has her own colum – but is still controled by her boss who, this time, maliciously bets all her trust on Andie’s article.

Andie and Ben are in general intelligent characters: he can be a lot more independent than her, he can make his advertising campaigns and work however he wants even if there are obstacles.

image source: jetts

Andie normally likes subjects people don’t usually see in female fashion magazines. She’s always trying to insert on her column subjects related to Politics, Economy and world issues in generalI think Andie should start a blog, because this reminded me of our posts of Child Protection’s week and its protective agents. If you missed it, you can find the articles here:

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Anyway, both try to get different approvals on their bets: Ben has to make her fall in love with him in 10 days to win and be responsible for the campaign he wants while Andie has to make him not want her anymore after 10 days to gain freedom to write her column.

Their dates, being one crazier than the other, make you have fun with both sides. Andie manages to be the type of intruding and crazy person in front of him, but a completely different person behind him – they really matched as their true selves in the story.

image source: lospalmitoscriticos

I remember an specific scene in which Ben plans a cute dinner while they watch the finals of the basketball game they like and Andie makes up she’s vegetarian, which makes them fo out to a vegetarian restaurant. On this place, more excuses come from her, only to make her go to the kitchen to eat something – which probably were burritos – and watch the basketball game, making Ben lose it, because he was also a fan. Which just goes to show that their tastes are pretty similar.

The characters created by themselves made one be even more forced to the other. Ben himself was extremely patient, but didn’t show his familiar and loving side to her. So, right from the start, it show that he, at least for a part, hadn’t considered her feelingsit never was about her, but about the bet.

fonte da imagem: jetts

And we don’t have a result other then being exactly like almost anu other movie that envolves bets about feelings: it never works. And even if they had funny and crazy moments, in the future they became, somehow, painful moments of a simple bet – once that, even if in my mind it would be difficult to happen, they end up falling in love for real.

Actually, I was watching if another time yesterday and I thought a lot about each techniques of acting by them. Andie had already shown, on the first night they met, to be the person she always was: intelligent, confident and decided.

Exactly from this point we can see and reflect that, in real life, it happens a lot in relationships nowadays – in which the person ends up changing their attitude suddenly, usually from their insecurities, as Andie’s friend always did.

She used her friend as an example for the character she created to Ben, showing how much this is common; a normal way to act when you feel the other person is not that much into youthat reminded me of another movie, hello “He’s Not That Into You”.

I say that, because we know we’ll never actually know everything of the person we have a relationship withand no, don’t worry: this post won’t become a relationship analysis.

image source: correio do povo

Now, about Ben, I have to tell you that each time I watched the movie, I liked him less. Ben proved to be a little more futile every time I watched – once for the first time my analysis about him wasn’t even that bad and probably because I was a child back then.

Andie was the type of woman who always feared a kind of relationship, because she had been through a lot in her life – so, in any way for her, it wouldn’t be difficult to make the article. Maybe a little cruel, but, yet, the person getting dumped on the “relationship” would be her, not him. Andie didn’t even have a family: she was alone and used to this life of working, that’s why it wasn’t something difficult from the start.

Things change when a real type of emotion comes in this adventure of them – Ben knew what he was doing when he took her to his parent’s house, because he shows who he really is and where he came from.

image source: globo

Playing dirty, I’d say – after all, he really won from this moment, because he almost gave her the family Andie didn’t have; a place in which she felt welcome.

“But, Sel, the tip came from her friend who pretended to be a couple therapist” – yes, it’s true, but still, if he didn’t know his family would be the incredible play to win the heart of the journalist, he wouldn’t do itonce Andie was the first girlfriend he ever took there. Also, Ben couldn’t have known she didn’t have a family, but he knew very well how his family was special and receptive.

Playing very dirty, how could she resist? I can’t even figure another way out for Andie! Hahaha

Anyway, the script is predictable as expected, but it’s definitely fun and nice to watch – once Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are excelent actors and their chemestry together is extraordinary.

The movie can be found on Netflix, in case you want to watch it.

Movie Trailer

My goal today was to bring something light and tranquil: whenever I watch this movie, I have fun and fall in love with them. However, besides being just a romantic comedy, it certainly brings us some important points to be analyzedthat I felt the liberty of bringing here, on today’s post.

I hope you liked it and, if you’ve never watched it, invest and watch while it’s available on Netflix’s catalog.

Us from the Sisterhood of the Moon love it! Don’t forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of it!

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