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Lunar Popcorn: Interstellar And The Wormhole

First, I want to wish you all a happy 2021, with a lot of love and light on the days that are to come. I also wanto to say that this year, we’re preparing beautiful things for the blog, so stay tuned!

To start the year on the right foot we decided to make this week on the moon world – getting the theme thanks for the astronaut day, which is celebrated on January 9 – and I decided to talk about Interstellar, which is, by far, my favourite movie about “space travel”.

And I say with conviction that I’m a person who knows about the subject – yes, I do like sci-fi movies and travels through the galaxy. Apart from having one of my favourite actors, its direction is done by a super talented director and of course the development goes far from everything I’ve watched on sci-fi.

Maybe if we watch it the first time, without paying too much attention, we might feel lost in some points of the movie, but also – and even if you had payed all the attention and understood everything well – it’s one of those movies we watch one, two, three and how many times we want or it’s playing randomly on TV.

So put your space suits on and let’s go together on this travel through our post today!

The Great Mind: Christopher Nolan

You, even if you don’t like movies with space travel, CERTAINLY have heard of the director, screenwriter and producer Christopher Edward Nolan, or only Christopher Nolan, born in July 30, 1970, London, England.

Christopher Nolan – image source: Wikipédia

Considered one of the most succesfull Hollywood directors, he is behind great productions such as: the Dark Knight Batman trilogy (2005-2012) – Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises – starred by Christian Bale; Inception (2010) with the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio; Man of Steel (2013) with Henry Cavill; And, one of the most recent and equally wonderful to the other mentioned titles, Tenet (2020) with Robert Pattinson (One of the best movies I had the chance to watch in 2020, I do recommend it; actually I’m thinking of talking about it in a close future).

Movie poster – image source: A Taberna

In 2014, Christopher comes with the sci-fi movie Interstellar, starred by a cast at least impecable, with names such as Matthew McConaughey (which is one of my favourite actors in the world), Anne Hathaway (which is on the list of my favourite actresses too), Jessica Chastain (another one with a brilliant career), Matt Damon (there isn’t even what to talk about Matt, right?) and Michael Caine (timeless icon)

The union of this cast and this direction couldn’t be different and it was a certain success. Nolan, apart from directing, was part of the production team, along with his wife Emma Thomas and with Lynda Obst, and on the script with his brother Jonathan Nolan and even had the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne as scientifical consultant and executive producer – his work inspired the movie.

Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain – image source: Yahoo News

The production was co-financed by Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Legendary Pictures and Christopher hired as photography director Hoyte van Hoytema. The movie was shot in 35mm format (utilized as well on the first cinema experiences) and also IMAX 70mm. Leaving the movie with an extra special touch.

The movie was nominated for five Oscars awards in 2015. Best Visual Effects, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Art Direction, having won on Best Visual Effects. (Even if I think they missed nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in Supporting Role)

Interstellar And The Travel Through the Wormhole

Official Movie Trailer

Synopsis: “After watching the Earth consuming great part of its natural reserves, a group of astronauts receives the mission to verify possible plants to receive the global population, making the survival of the species available. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is called to lead the group and accepts the mission knowing he might never see his children. With Brand (Anne Hathaway), Jenkins (Marlon Sanders) and Doyle (Wes Bentley), he’ll go on a travel in search for a new home. As the years go by, his daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy and Jessica Chastain) will invest on her own journey to also try to save the population of the planet.”

Reading the synopsis, we already think that “it’s just another movie like the others of sci-fi” and this is the worst thought we can have as we start following the plot.

Plagues on crops, dry air with a lot of dust because of forest burns and destruction of vegetation and of great part of the world flora made human civilization regress to a farming society fearfull of the future – once the drought, less pure air and all the its consequences was already contaminating the population with diseases, hunger and fights for territory. (And we get scared of how close we are to live this kind of life)

Murphy and Cooper in a movie scene – image source: The Conversation

Cooper, who is a NASA ex-pilot, has a farm where he lives with his family. He has a ten year old daughter, Murphy, who believes her room is haunted by a ghost who is trying to communicate with her – changing little things on the objects and even messing her book case.

Together, father and daughter watch the actions of the “ghost” and discover that interaction is an unknown intelligence, who’s sending coded messages through gravitational radiation. They believe that intelligence is leaven binary coordinates and those informations take them to a secret NASA installation leaded by professor John Brand.

The scientist reveals that a wormhole was open near Saturn (I find this information super fun, maybe, and just maybe, because I think all this thing about wormholes very mysterious and interesting) which works as a “portal” for planets that can offer conditions of survival to the human species – similar to our planet earth!

Years before that encounter of Cooper and Brand, the “Lazarus missions” were sent and identified three planets that potencially could sustain life on the orbit of the black hole and that were named after the astronauts that researched it, being them Gargantua: Miller, Edmunds and Mann.

John then decides to recruit Cooper to be the pilot of the spaceship named Endurance. And alongside his team, to recover the data of other astronauts, of previous missions. The information is important, because, if one of the planets show itself welcoming to life, humanity will be “saved” and will go to it on the NASA installation – A great spaceship.

Movie scene – image source: ABC.en

Her father’s departure leaves Murphy devastated and the girl is hurt for years with that. For those who have a basic notion of the theory of the wormhole – hello, me – they know that one of the main theoretical applications is time travel, once – in this thought – the holes serve as shortcuts that connect different points in space-time, transporting then to a different time and place from those you were when you got in.

And of course, Cooper and Murphy knew that the chances of the father coming back, after travelling through time, and meet his children again, was an extremely small fraction. And that’s when the plot gets good.

One of the things I like most on the movie is the fact that it shows two points of view of what’s happening, both from Cooper and his crew, trying to successfully finish their mission, and from Murphy, who lives on earth, becomes an adult and continues working to find an answer and a way out for the population of the earth, that at this point was going from bad to worse.

Murphy, already and adult – image source: Veja

Anyway, without further spoilers – if that’s even possible – it’s a movie visually nice, beautifull and well polished, with a cast that honors the acting that’s expected of them and with an excelent direction, each piece on its place, each plot point filled and each answer given.

There are those who think this is a flaw of the movie, because it doesn’t instigate the spectator regarding the answers not given at the end of all, but in my humble opinion – of whom, as I said other times, has no formation whatsoever in any cinema area, and even less thecnical instruction to be a critic of the seventh art – is one of the things I liked most, leaving the movie theater (yes, I watched this beautiful thing on the movies) with everything well attached, all the loose ends tied up.

For those who aren’t fans of productions that we make a thousand and one theories and after that we don’t have an answer anywhere for any of them, this is, this is an excellent recommendation!

Watch the Movie

Of course, if I recommend even bad movies on my posts, I couldn’t not recommend this which is one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s available on some streaming services and TV channels.


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