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Lunar Popcorn: Longing Heart, Going back in time for an impossible love?

We must start this post answering the question above. And the answer is no, this first love was never impossible, only extreme and fast.

Passangers on board, I, Sel, felt obligated to bring on this week a story that ended up entretaining me a lot around 2018. My First Love, or how I knew it, Longing Heart was chosen as the theme of today’s post.

Are you ready for this trip on time?

Here we go.

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My First Love (Korean :  애간장,  Aeganjang ; lit.  Longing Heart ) is a fantasy South Korean series from 2018, starred by Lee Jung-shin who is one of the protagonists in Cinderella and Four Knights and is part of the Korean band CNBlue, Seo Ji-hoon more known for his role in Meow, the Secret Boy and Lee Yeol-eum. It’s based on a webtoon with the same title, released in 2015. It went live on mondays and tuesdays on OCN at 21:00 (KST) from January 8th to February 6th 2018, with 10 episodes.

The story of a man who can’t forget his first love ten years ago and has the change to remake history when he goes back to the past.

Plot, Longing Heart:

With only 10 episodes with 45 minutes each, My First Love (Longing Heart) is fast and filled with plot twists. The rythm is great and calm, but nothing too much because there’s always new developments that ends up easily taking us to other events on the same episode.

In general, it was a nice vive, sad but super easy to be taken during the whole drama. When I watched it I was particularly curious because of the characters but ended up finding out it also came from a webcomic.

Just like great dramas taken from webtoons, like: True Beauty – which is still in progress.

Although there are many time travel dramas, I, at the moment I read the synopsis on this one, thought it was really interesting, once we have older Shin Woo interacting with his younger self.

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Once the older Shin Woo ends up going to the past after falling of a bridge, and not only that, he becomes a math teacher.

During all the plot, we see he takes this chance to change things to work out on his “relationship” with his first love, Ji Soo, in the future. So he helps young Shin Woo putting him under his protection and giving him tips on how to act.

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Ji Soo is a new student on the school in which Shin Woo studies and their meeting is like fate, he immediately falls for her.

He (older Shin Woo) also tries to help Ji Soo, because now he sees it under a new point of view, noticing all the hard times she went through in the past that he didn’t note before. But a great plot twist happens. Ji Soo falls in love for older Shin Woo instead of the younger. This creates a great mess on their plans.

The bromance on this drama is also very funny and entretaining, because after all, we are talking about you and your past self. Although they have a relationship as mentor/student, it can be very familiar as well.

Just like all dramas have their romance climax, this doesn’t fall behind. The love triangle was a little weird at the beginning but ends up being fun once both of her beloved ones are always the same person in a different space-time. I had my bets and I knew the older Shin Woo would get involved on the situation and make everything change, after all that’s the main plot with time travels, right?

At the same time, I knew that in some way she’d be with him, once both protagonists were the same character, still you easily forget that during the story, making you chose one to love and another one to suffer.

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In my point of view, the drama had an incredible mix of feelings, a sweet and entretaining love story, but also a story filled with sadness where you relive a past in which you see yourself caught on some situations sadness and also joy.

Giving it a great balance of sadness and comfort.

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And no, don’t try to think too much how things work on time travel on this drama, you must be aware this isn’t the type of drama that will tell you how this whole time travel has an explanation, because there isn’t one. It’s just one of those mysterious happenings that are intended to give someone a chance to change their lives – I think a lot of people needed one of those, huh? – Therefore, don’t think too much, just enjoy.

Longing Heart is wonderful and if you’re looking a drama with a perfect combination of romance, time travel, a good plot and a touch of fantasy – and no, this time I’m not talking about MoonLovers – Lee Jung Shin, Seo Ji Hoon and Lee Yeol Eum will make you super happy with this drama.

Have you ever heard about this drama? The Sisterhood of the Moon think it’s very interesting and who doesn’t like a time travel story, right?

Tell us what you think, leave your comment below and don’t forget to check the kdrama out!

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