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Lunar Popcorn: No Game No Life – The Game is Just Beginning!

Have you ever thought about being transported to a world where absolutely everything is solved with games? Be those things war, politics, ownership and domination of things and material gains, well, every and any conflict of interest and things that generally win – or have – those who have money and/or political and social power?

Well, in No Game No Life, that’s exactly what happens. And even more: what if I told you that all this universe – which for some would be paradise and for others, just like me, it’d be a nightmare, because let’s be honest, if surviving 2020 is already difficult, imagine in an alternative universe where you have to be good at games, not only eletronical ones, but those of luck, like casino, craps, cards and all kinds of games possible – came from the head of a Brazilian guy from Uberaba? (hello Brazil, make a movie of this success)

Poster of the anime No Game No Life (image source: loucos por geek)

Of course that to the siblings who are the main characters on this production – yes, production, because from this story we have the novel (which was what I read the most), anime, manga, movie…! – was paradise itself, and I believe that to many other people it would be as well.

Are we ready to follow this trip to the world of Disboard?

It’s From Brazil Zil Zil!

I couldn’t write something about No Game No Life, without shouting out that this success – and yes, it’s a success, even if I didn’t know it back then when I got sucked by the plot – it’s the work of a super talented Brazilian guy.

And of course, all those things about representativeness that I talk about in many of my posts fits well here.

Yuu Kamiya (image source: narvii)

When you, young person from Brazil, who likes to draw, write stories and consume this content, with a dream of one day producing something with your amazing talent, here’s the proof that everything is possible (Art my love, this one here is for you as well, I love you).

(Artemis on editing: I am shocked ’cause I wasn’t expecting that, Hekate likes to get me on the feels)

When we see someone, coming from where we came and making nice things, we see a perspective and a spot of hope to continue chasing our dreams.

Ok, I know, it’s sounding like part of some self help book or those motivational campaigns, so I’m stopping here – for now!

Kamiya in his studio producing his illustrations (image source: narvii)

Thiago Furukawa Lucas who signs his works as Yuu Kamiya is an illustrator and writer, born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil! on November 10, in 1984.

Because he is Japanese and Brazilian, he moved still very young to Japan, where he lives and works currently – but don’t get discouraged by this info, my little lunar bunny, some things changed since the time Kamiya became a mangaka and you don’t have to live in Asia anymore to be able to illustrate, write or whatever it is that you dream of!

Let’s be honest with one another here, I’m not saying that only if you want to that you WILL really be; Everything and I repeat E V E R Y T H I N G on this life asks us to chase it and, if it really is our desire, persistence, perseverance and will, are great allies on this fight! – I am very motivational today, I know, I’m sorry!

Japanese cover of the first light novel (image source: wikipedia)

Going back on talking about Furukawa, he became the first Brazilian mangaka to be published by a Japanese editor and to be globally recognized by that. His most known works are of illustrator of the light novel Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi written by Takaya Kagami and No Game No Life, of his own autorship.

About No Game No Life, he is author, writer and creator, his wife Mashiro Hiiragi, who is a professional writer, is the great responsible for the manga adaptation – we see that complicity didn’t work only on marriage, right? It worked super well professionally too! They are married since 2011.

All The Variations of No Game No Life

It all started on the year 2012, when the Japanese series of light novel written and illustrated by our dear mangaka Yuu Kamiya was published by Media Factory, under the print of MF Bunko J. Currently with ten published volumes, the novel hasn’t had its last publishing yet.

In 2013, they adapted the novel in a manga series, published on the magazine Monthly Comic Alive. A second adaptation, to a manga gaiden, titled No Game No Life Desu, was illustrated by Yuizaki Kazuya, and serialized between 2015 and 2017 on the magazine Monthly Comic Alive, compiled in four tankōbon volumes.

Some covers of novels and mangás (image source: twitter)

An adaptation of the original series to an anime of 12 episodes was produced by studio Madhouse and released between June 2014 in Japan and it’s available on Netflix (a tip that I’ll give now and as always at the end of the posts: watch the anime).

There was also an adaptation of the sixth volume of the novel to movie, titled No Game No Life Zero in July 2017. And it’s also available on Netflix.

Movie poster (image source: blogspot)

Here, on the homeland of Furukawa, both the manga and novel are licensed and published by NewPOP (I remember buying my novels in one of the events, the NewPOP stand is a perdition, my friends!).

In all its versions it was a success – at least for me, who didn’t consume only the manga, it was a lot of success; and I found out recently, in one of the conversations on the Lune Station HQ, that it was well talked about and had a nice hype.

Welcome to Disboard!


“The genius siblings from the gaming world, Sora and Shiro. They are NEETs (people who don’t study or work and consequently only stay at home) and Hikikomoris (people who live isolated inside their house and never go out), but on the internet are called “urban legend”. Those two, who always called the world “this damn game”, were invited by a being who self denominates as “god” to a new world! There, this god forbidden wars and everything is solved through games, even territorial limitations.”

Sora and Shiro already in Disboard (image source: netflix)

– Let’s go! Let the games begin…

Sora and Shiro are inseparable siblings, both in real life and in games online. Because they are isolated from society and the real world (to which they show aversion), they become the best and spend lots of hours of their lives to always remain on the best gamers ranking.

Their life completely changes – or not, once in the universe they lived, they were already connected on games – when they receive an invitation, at least weird, of an opponent who lost for them in an online chess game. The invitation is nothing more nothing less than to be reborn in a world in which this person is God, called Disboard.

Scene in which they are arriving at Disboard and Tet is teaching them about its lands and commandments (image source: narvii)

Disboard is a world – or universe, if you like – of fantasy, where everything is decided through games.

Once they had nothing to lose on the real world – and really? Who in their right sanity would think it was something real upon accepting – they accepted the offer and were immediately transported to their new reality. While they are being taken to the lands of Disboard, they meet Tet – who is the God of that place, and his commandments, which are nothing more than guidelines for coexisting and for the games to be the most fair as possible.

Tet’s commandments are:

1- All homicides, wars and robberies are strictly forbidden on this world;

2- Every conflict on this world must be solved through a game;

3- Players will bet things they agree to be same value before the game;

4- Not being agains the third commandment, they can bet anything in any game;

5- The one who was challenged can decide the rules of the game;

6- Any bet made according to the commandments must be respected;

7- Conflicts will be decided by a designated representative with absolute authority;

8- If caught stealing during a game, it’ll result in immediate loss;

9- In the name of God – that is myself – the commandments cannot be changed;

10- Let’s have fun and play together!

And it’s from there, Sora with an intuition and surprising knowledge and Shiro with a great intelligence that goes beyond of a genius, use all their experience with games they brought from the real world to the duels and achievements throughout the plot.

What I thought it was coolest of all this experience, is that they explain some games and how they obtain success on their achievements – for someone, like me, who knows little about games, it’s something really nice: you can connect with the story and understand, feel familiar with all the plot – making a wider audience able to consume this production.

Shiro and Sora (image source: comic vine)

They are super intelligent and their thinking is really fast, so – I wouldn’t say easy – but there’s always hope on victory; being atentive to the minor details gives us hope and leaves the “enemies” more vulnerable.

With a mix of genres, action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, games, ecchi and isekai, No Game No Life is fun, an easy read for the novel and really nice to watch as well: the adaptation, characterization and development to anime doesn’t fall short.

Get in the Game!

If you have the opportunity of reading the novels or mangas, do that, it’s totally worth it, every detail and the illustrations are very good!

And if you want to watch both the anime and the movie, here are some available places:

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No Game No Life Zero:


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