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Lunar Popcorn: Sailor Moon Classic and the Moon Rabbit Legend

“Moonlight shines for everyone, even for those who lost their hopes and feel alone.”

Sailor Moon is one of the strongest memories I have of when I was a kid. I remember very well to sit on my grandma’s house couch, waiting anxiously for another episode of Serena’s and her friends’ adventures as Moon warriors as I drank my hot choco and ate Brazilian cheese buns.

Something I need to do more often and I highly recommend – for reasons of: few things are better than hot choco with Brazilian cheese buns and something nice to watch!

First opening of Sailor Moon that many people can sing to this day!

Since then, Sailor Moon is by far one of the most precious and favourite stories I keep in my selective heart. Worthy of Moon warriors, once I carry the name of Artemis on Lune Station’s lands, I thought it would be more then worthy talking about this passion on Lune Festa’s first edition!

Also, here’s our complete itinerary for Lune Festa’s posts this year: Lune Festa – Lune Station’s Moon Festival

So if you always wanted to know more about Sailor Moon, learn some curiosities and to understand why it was so important to a whole generation, hop on my train wagon so I can take you on this journey!

About Sailor Moon and Its Creator Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko Takeuchi, manga/anime author
(image source:
Sailor Moon Brasil Wiki)

In March 15th, 1967, Naoko Takeuchi was born, over at Japanese lands. She is the creator of this amazing story that’s part of so many people’s lives – winning a prize for a previous project when she was only 18 years old.

Manga Sailor Moon #1
(image source: Editora JBC)

Although Sailor Moon is her greatest legacy, the first warrior for love and justice was Sailor V – with the manga Codename wa Sailor V, that began in 1991. Only one year after, though, she began a story with a team of warriors – the famous Sailor Moon. Both projects were finished by 1997.

What’s the story of Sailor Moon about, then?

Naoko Takeuchi’s story brings our dear Usagi Tsukino as the main character – a normal girl, somewhat of a crybaby, always hungry and late for school, quite clumsy and terrible at Math classes, but with a great heart – that sees her life completely changed when she discovers she is Sailor Moon: the Moon warrior that fights for love and justice!

Sailor Moon Classic

I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and JusticeI am Sailor Moon! And now in the name of Moon I’ll punish you!” (image source:

Sailor Moon Classic: the first season of Sailor Moon! Curiously, it wasn’t expected such success, therefore it’s a season with complete story and character development – if you don’t like long series/animes, you can watch without fear of being left in a cliffhanger until the next season.

Personally, it’s my favourite Sailor Moon phase.

With 46 episodes of approximately 20 minutes each, Toei Animation studios brought to our homes the amazing Moon warrior. Here in Brazil, I remember every time the episodes beginning with “Brazilian version, Gota Mágica, São Paulo” – the dubbing studio disclaimer!

Apart from that, I also loved seeing the works of art! All drawings were by hand – like they did on animations back then – and you could even see when they painted with watercolours! For the curious ones, here’s a link to a quick video with the production process back then!

Our hero starts as a little… Scaredy-cat (image source: The Sailor Moon Wiki)

This is the season that throws us in this universe: as lost as Serena (Usagi Tsukino, in the original), we cheer with her while she goes through so many challenges in order to learn to be a Moon warrior. After all, one day she was a 14 year old girl that was getting late to school and receiving bad grades in Math (I get you, Serena, I get you so well) – and in the other she was being recruited by a cat named Luna as Sailor Moon, leader of the warriors for love and justice. Can you imagine that?

Meanwhile, Serena has a few missions: to find the other warriors, the Moon Princess and the Silver Crystal. After all, the cat Luna is a survivor of a catastrophe that occurred on Moon Kingdom – which means Sailor Moon and everyone she needs to find are ancient warriors of such Kingdom.

Classic “Tuxedo Maaaaaask” (GIF source:

As a villain, we have Queen Beryl, from the Dark Kingdom. Seeking to restore the energy of her master Queen and find the Silver Crystal, it’s up to Sailor Moon and her friends to stop her.

And amidst all that, we have Tuxedo Mask.

He is a big question mark. We don’t know his moral alignment, but he always shows up when Usagi needs help, supporting her each time to become a warrior worthy of the Moon.

Why do I like it so much, then?

Sailor Moon shows us that love can exist in many forms: between lovers, family and, mainly, friends. (image source: IMDB)

Although there’s the obvious “crossing time and space to find each other in another lifetime” romance, Sailor Moon is not only that. Serena is followed by her warrior friends: Amy – Sailor Mercury – Raye – Sailor Mars – Lita – Sailor Jupiter – and Mina – Sailor Venus. They have their fallouts, but, little by little, they form ties that only get stronger, helping each other both in day to day problems – such as a broken heart, bad grades at school, learning to love themselves, and etc. – and in battle related problems.

The beautiful drawings and poetry in art from the great Naoko Takeuchi (image credits: Naoko Takeuchi)

At the end of the day, the lesson that remains is friendship above all. Serena doesn’t have enough strength to defeat the most malignant creatures by herself – but, with the help from her friends, with all of them united, she manages to have strength to face everything that is evil and obscure in the world.

Serena is just a normal girl with mundane problems – and, nevertheless, episode by episode, she turns into the warrior she has to be to protect her friends, the love of her life, her family and all humanity. From a scared girl that never liked fighting, Serena becomes much more than a Moon warrior by the end of the season.

“To us Sailor Warriors, it doesn’t matter who is the main character – when we unite and our hearts become one, we can defeat our enemies, it doesn’t matter how strong they are.”

I think the lesson that stays with us – and mainly to little girls that used to watch and watch it to this day – is: no one is born fearless and ready to fight, but anyone can become a legend.

The Moon Rabbit Legend

Usagi Tsukino isn’t just some name that Naoko chose for the main character of her moonlit story: Usagi is translated as Rabbit, while Tsuki means Moon. I think you got the picture, right?

Here’s the famous rabbit!
(image source: Wikipédia)

Tsuki no Usagi is the Japanese name for Moon Rabbit. If you don’t know the story, make yourself comfy because I’ll take you on a little galactic journey!

If you watch the sky on a full moon night, you can see clearly that in its craters there’s the shape of a rabbit – in Japan, he is seen preparing mochi with a mortar and a pestle.

This legend is old – it’s told in Japan, but also in South Korea and in China. On the later country, it’s said that the rabbit is the lunar goddess Chang’e helper – being undoubtable there are rabbits on the moon (and that’s why we got so many of them to help us at Lune Station!).

Usagi Tsukino isn’t a name with an empty meaning: which better way to call the great warrior that came from the Moon than moon rabbit?

Bônus I: Sailor Moon and Greek Mythology

Endymion and Serenity on Moon Kingdom (image source:

During the anime, we also have two very important characters that show up: Serenity – the Moon Princess – and Endymion – Prince of the Golden Kingdom, from Earth. Both are lovers and their souls are sent through space and time so they can have a happy life – finding each other, eventually, on Earth.

Their names aren’t just a coincidence: they’re actually inspired on a story from Greek mythology – about Selene and her lover Endymion.

Nope, Selene isn’t only one of Lune Station’s authors and founders. She is, also, the Greek goddess that personifies the Moon – in love with a mortal, there are many variations of their story. In one of them, Endymion’s mortality is solved by eternal sleep (almost like Sleeping Beauty).

It’s interesting to pay attention on names and references throughout the anime: many characters have Greek names or from minerals – such as Artemis, Helios, Jadeite, Nephrite

Sailor Moon is also culture!

Bônus 2: Link To Watch Online Sailor Moon Classic

Every now and then (you thought I’d start “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, huh?) I have my nostalgia moments and I like to watch Classic. Now that I’m older, I tried to watch the original Japanese with subtitles, but it’s not the same thing!

After all, how am I going to scream Usagi’s transformation motto every time she transforms if it’s in Japanese?!

To those who miss it terribly like me – or just want to check the dubbed version – I’ll leave a link below with a website where you can find all things Sailor Moon, both dubbed and subbed, including the 90’s Classic era! Tell me later what you think!

Link: Sailor Moon TV – Watch Online

And I’ll leave you with one of the most beautiful anime endings that was ever made – Looks like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, doesn’t it?

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