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Lunar Popcorn: Space Sweepers – Welcome to Space

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That the South Korean movies are day by day gaining the public after the great success of Parasite, everyone is aware of it. Now, that the South Koreans make magnificent productions, beautiful special effects and plots to take our breath away, I’ve already knew for a few good years.

Those that follow the series – often known as k-dramas or doramas – movies, mini series, web dramas or whatever from the seventh South Korean art, know how good they are. Majestic productions, super talented actors, excelent directors and all those things we know that compose a quality work. (and as in every place, there are those who are not that good)

Today I’ll talk about a movie that was released recently on Netflix’s catalog and has on the cast one of my favourite Korean actors, Song Joong-Ki (Descendants of the Sun) and spacial themes that I also like a lot.

About the Production and the Cast

Jo Sung-hee, creator and director – image source: Soompi

With creation and direction of Jo Sung-hee, Space Sweepers is a project that was taking form for years. Sung-hee started writing the story ten years before its release. Back then, he had the idea of writing the plot after talking with a friend about the dangers of spacial trash.

He started with his idea, of space travellers collecting space trash. After hearing about how those fragments move fast and creating space collisions, he noticed that this subject was treated on animations and games, but never in a movie. (I really never had heard of it before)

The cast choice couldn’t be better, as mentioned above – by emotional meSong Joong-ki is part of the cast – being like a central character – on the role of an ex-soldier from UTS and current pilot of Victorythe ship in which he and his mates collect space trash to survive. During 2018, Song accepted and confirmed the director’s invitation with which he had already worked with on “A Werewolf Boy” (2012).

Kim Tae-ri, who has the role of the ship’s captain and has a drinking problem is also part of the main cast as Captain Jang. Kim received the invitation for the role at the start of 2019.

Jin Seon-kyu with the role of the ship’s Engineer, an ex-leader of a drug cartel on earth (Tiger Park), was invited in April, also during 2019.

Among the four travellers of the ship Victory, the last to confirm was Yoo Hae-hinwho acted as motion capture and dubbing – of a reprogrammed military robot who “does everything”, helping outside of the ship and on captures and fixing when needed (Bubs), which happenned in June 2019.

Main cast of the movie Kim Seon-kyo (Tiger Park), Song Joong-ki (Tae-ho), Kim Tae-ri (Captain Jang) and Yoo Hae-jin (Bubs voice and movements) – Image source: Soompi

At the other side of the plot, we have our “villain”, the British actor Richard Armitage, who gave life to James Sullivan, UTS’ founder at his 152 years that has cultivated life on Mars – rich and privileged lives, as it’s expected. He confirmed his part on the cast on July 2019.

Above Oh Ji-Yul (Kim Soon-Yi) and below Park Ye-Rin (Dorothy/Kang Kot-Nim) – Image source: Netflix

We have two children – CUTEST THINGS IN THIS WORLD – that are important part of this story – and gets to our emotional in a way that’s difficult not to cry or want to protect them. Being them, on the role of Tae-ho’s daughter (Kim Soon-Yi) the junior actress Oh Ji-Yul. And on the role of the human like child who is searched by the local authorities (Dorothy/Kang Kot-Nim) we have Park Ye-Rin.

One thing that grabbed my attention on the cast is that it’s composed by people of diverse ethnicities and nationalities and each of them speak on their languages and everyone understands each other – it would be pretty cool someone speaking Russian and we understanding it, responding in Portuguese and the person also understanding it.

All on Board of Victory

Movie Trailer

“It’s 2092 and the space is filled with floating satellites and deserted spaceships. The crew of the trash collecting spaceship, The Victory, travells through space on search of parts to sell. With strong competition from other collector ships, speed is key to surpass their rivals of other nations. When they discover a human-like robot called “Dorothy”, a known mass destruction weapon, a risky business follows” People who love space set movies won’t regret it!

One of the things that grabbed my attention the most – already knowing movies on this atmosphere, and how South Korean productions can be magnificent – was the fact that the special effects have a great quality. The colours are incredible and there’s nothing lacking on photography and costume design.

Set on the year of 2092, Earth is almost impossible to live in.

Running away from a sick earth, the UTS coorporation builds a new home in orbit to humanity – a group of high class people who live on this new world, clean and able to prosper on space. There the main components that allow life, as air and light, are controlled by the company that creates and manages the artificial world.

UTS residential district – Image source: Netflix

Meanwhile, hopeless Earth remains the home of most of humans, without means to escape to the new floating earth of UTS. Therefore, some low class people go to space and survive in removed spacial trash, with which – with luck – they get some money.

The plot follows the crew of a spaceship that collects space trash called The Victory. The crew – Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), the Engineer Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu) and the human like robot Bubs (Yoo Hai-jin)are excellent on the capture of battered spacebuses or discarded satellites. They surpass collecting ships from other countries.

But their lives turn upside down when they discover a child human like robot – called Dorothy – which is known for being a weapon of mass destruction. Overcharged with debts and desires to fullfil, they get involved in a risky business and maybe something bigger than they could’ve imagined.

Movie still – image source: Business World

From then on, the plot overflows with actions, space battles, union, love and drama – because yes, if there’s something South Koreans are good, it’s drama – and I don’t want to spoil more than I already have. I just want to say we don’t even feel the two hours of movie going by, because everything captures us! It’s a movie with such quality, that caters to all kinds of people, with varied tastes.

And to the ones who are emotional – like me – get your tissues ready!

It’s a shame that the battle scenes and images of intrincate detailed spaceships can’t be seen on the big screens of movies. With the exhibition limited to smaller screens, we can already see the wonderful production, just imagine on the movies.

It was originally planned to be released on the movies last summer, but its distribuition company decided to take to Netflix, after many delays given to the COVID-19 pandemics.

GIF source: AJU Business Daily

Where to Watch

Available on Netflix, it had its release on February 5th, 2021.

Tell us below what you think of it or search for us on social media, let’s talk a little about the movie!!

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