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Lunar Popcorn: Super Pig, Prince Iggy and The Magical Girls Satire

“When something is wrong she comes to helps us! She comes flying, comes quickly, she comes to save us! SUPER, SUPER PIG! SUPER, SUPER PIG!”

Lyrics translated from Brazilian Portuguese version

Have you ever heard of the anime Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin? No! What if I say Super Pig? Also no? Super Pig tastes to me like such a present childhood that sometimes I get sad that I’m the only person (I know) on planet Earth to have watched it.

The animated series tells the story of Kassie, a high school girl that finds what she believes is an injured little pig on her way to school. In no time, she finds out that was no ordinary pig, the yellow animal is a prince. Iggy is an alien, prince of Oinko (Buuringo) and bestows super powers to her, that has always been a curious, fearless and selfless girl.

Super Pig opening on Youtube – not best quality, but still the English opening!

It’s a funny series, even if it is a satire to series known as magical girls (animes of girls that received super powers someway in order to fight against the forces of evil)

The fearless Super Pig in her super form (GIF source: Wiffle GIF)

In my point of view, it gave a good message to children that had the chance to watch it. Kassie wins rewards (pearls, that when she gathers a certain number, she manages to transform in something else besides a pig and it would make Iggy a king) and also, when she doesn’t use her powers to her own gain. That way, it helps children to understand they should be rewarded for their work and should think about common good, helping them not to keep a selfish mindset.

Once today is Children’s Day here in Brazil (October, 12th), I thought there’s nothing better for me to talk about than my favourite anime when I was a kid and to preach the word of Super Pig around, right?

Are you curious to know what the adventures of Kassie, Iggy and everyone else are about? Then hop on this train with me that I’ll explain to you!

The Creation of the Super Powerful and Pink Piggy

Part of the manga written by Taeko Ikeda (image source:

The anime aired here in Brazil in 1999 on Fox Kidsyes, if you remember Fox Kids, you’re definitely getting old, just like me – and in the beginning of 2000 by Rede GloboI miss “TV Globinho”. It’s original airing was between the years of 1994 and 1995 on Japan, where it was created, by TBS.

Cover of the magazine in which the manga was released (image source: Anime Planet)

The manga Ai To Yuuki No Pig Girl Tonde Buurin, was written by Taeko Ikeda (unfortunately I didn’t find more info on her to bring you) for the magazine Ciao – a japanese magazine, that still exists, of shōjo manga (a genre that typically aims young girls as audience) and released by Shogakukan. On the beginning of the 90’s, the magical girls fever was running high, and the Nippon Animation studio decided to bet on the funny story of a girl that turned into a pig and produced an animated series, with a total of 51 episodes.

With many adaptations and translations, the one that got here to Brazil – and that I watched – was the North American adaptation, produced by Saban Entertainment, and of course, as it happens with all translations, some things suffered alterations – but the comic essence and a little different from the genre was kept and it was one of the things that drew my attention to it.

The skinny and perfect pattern that girls are usually portrayed on animes and mangas is, without question, very beautiful, but on this specific one I felt represented: as a normal girl that transforms herself in a small, chubby and pink super hero.

 “Look! That in the sky… Is it a bird?… Is it a plane?… Is it Super Pig?!”

Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese version

From All Kinds of Transformations, Kassie Turned Into a Pig…

Kassie’s Transformation

As I mentioned before, it’s a satire of magical girl animations with a very original storyat least when it comes to transforming and the characteristics of the main character. It’s also very funny: the main character gets in trouble all the time and everything goes wrong for her. Her coordination is almost inexistent and, when it comes to flying, she always gets clumsy, hitting posts and buildings. All of that while trying, and almost failing, to protect her identity, because if anyone knows she’s Super Pig, she would be in her piggy for forever.

Kassie and Iggy (image source: Sumapo)

The Synopsys – that I took my time to get here, I know, it wasn’t my intention, it’s because I always go overboard when I talk about this anime – is this: Kassie or Karin (on the original Japanese) is a normal high school girl, with a good heart, that likes to help people and animals, and has a lot of courage being fearless many times.

When she’s on her way to school, she finds a pig that she thinks is hurt and goes for him to help, even risking arriving late to her class. She finds out the animal wasn’t actually hurt, but hungry, and, when he eats her apple and regains his strength, she runs away in order to get to school. It’s then that Iggy, the little pig she found, decides she’s the perfect girl to help him in his mission to become king on his planet.

When Iggy insists in rewarding Kassie with the power to become a super hero, she, of course, doesn’t like the idea of becoming a swine with super powers, even if she likes the idea to save and protect the people that live in her city. It’s only when she learns that if she gathers 108 pearls – that she gets every time she does a good deed – she’ll be able to transform into anything and become the super hero she wanted, that the girl accepts her mission.

Iggy, with a mission to become king, supervises Kassie on this training and, when she manages to get to her objective with the pearls, both would be able to, for Kassie, save people in the form she wanted, and for Iggy, to rule his people.

Kassie and Lance
(image source: My Anime List)

In order to turn into Super Pig, Kassie gets some objects – I’m going to talk about some of them, the ones I think are cooler and most important to the story (also, all names were translated from Brazilian Portuguese, it might not be the same on the English version).

She has the PigCompact: wich has the format of a compact powder. It’s the object that shows who needs help, keeps the pig snout that transforms her into Super Pig and also serves as a a communicator with Theo, Iggy’s father. There’s also the Pig Snout: it’s the object that Kassie uses to transform, made of rubber and activated by the phrase: “Super Pig I’m gonna be, and defend what is right; let me not lack truth and wisdom. By the powers of the pig!”. It’s kept on PigCompact, in order to be energized. In case of breaking or getting lost, it’s not possible to transform anymore, and each super pig has the right to one snout, which are made from different materials. And there’s the Hair Bun: which is the object that goes on the hair, of course, but it turns into what Kassie needs to save people.

Some characters of the animated series, on the DVD cover (image source: Anidb)

As most girls from her age, Kassie, on her 14s, has a crush on a guy from from her school, the heartthrob (I know, it’s a tacky old word), that goes by the name of Lance, is the captain of the football team and seems not to notice or not give too much attention to what girls feel for him. Kassie has a best friend too who’s also her “love counselor” and is part of the tennis club at school with her. Kassie lives with her family and, when she turns into Super Pig, she fights to help and save her friends and the people that live on Banburger Hills, her home city.

All characters are fun and help in making the story even more interesting; we also see that any person in any form can save the world. And even with our clumsy ways, we can, if our hearts and acts are good, make the world a better place. This is the message that got to me with all this anime that, I repeat, it’s a shame so little people know about it.

“Super Pig I’m gonna be, and defend what is right; let me not lack truth and wisdom. By the powers of the pig!”

Translated from the Brazilian Portuguese version

Bonus 1: But Hekate, What Are Those Magical Girls You Talk So Much About?

Card Captor Sakura, as an example of Magical Girl (GIF source: My Anime List)

Magical Girls or Mahō Shōjo (Mahou Shoujo) is the manga and/or anime genre that has as a main base, exactly what you’re thinking, warrior girls – generally set with high school girls, that manage to get super powers in order to fight evil, be it a fixed villain or little day to day incidents. In its great majority, they need to gather something to get to an objective, which is part of saving the world.

There are many famous and incredible examples of magical girls that leave a message of love, friendship, determination and girl power. Here in the blog, our wonderful Artemis talked about Sailor Moon – which is loved by all Sisterhood of the Moon; and we’ll have many more posts on this genre and animes.

If you want to read Art’s post on Sailor Moon, here’s the link to get to know it better: Sailor Moon Classic and the Moon Rabbit Legend!

Bonus 2: Where To Watch Super Pig Online?

When I thought of talking about this anime, I searched to refresh my memory – because I watched when I was a kid and some info disappeared from my mind. What was my surprise when I searched to watch again? Of course, because it wasn’t super well known – and sometimes I thought it was a daydream of mine – it was so difficult to find some place with more than three episodes, dubbed or subbed.

I found a place with the first season in HD, but subbed in Portuguese. If you know somewhere safe where we can watch it with the English dub or subtitles, feel free to send us! Comment down below or send us through our contact page – it’ll be a great add and help to our blog!

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