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Lunar Popcorn: Svaha: The Sixth Finger – Halloween Week

Our Halloween week hasn’t got to its end yet and my post is here to prove that.

Ok, I might have chosen a not so scary movie, but it’s super worth watching – during quarentine or not.

The theme we’ll get into today is a little different, but still envolves ghosts and a lot of psychological pressure.

Sixth Finger is a horror movie with religious content – that’s right; I bet you’ve watched Constantine and other movies with that content, but never watched one that comes from Buddhist beliefs. And certainly, this was also the first time I ventured in a theme like that, coming from South Korean lands.

Are you ready to read this recommendation filled with a lot of thriller? Yes? So we’ll start our journey here.

image source: heaven of horror

Svaha: The Sixth Finger is a 2019 South Korean thriller directed by Jang Jae-hyun, starred by Lee Jung-jae, Park Jung-min, Lee Jae-in, Jung Jin-young, Lee David and Jin Seon-kyu.

The movie was number one on box offices on its debut week, with strong 840.000 sells and gathered a total of 1.18 million spectators on its first five days.

“Oh, Sel, but I’ve never heard of it” yeah, the movie was a success and, still, you haven’t heard of it not only because you were destined to read about it here – but, also, because the South Korean market on movie industry is not so well known as it should. One of the steps for it to change clearly is the success Parasite got, being internationally renown and winning many prizes, such as the Oscars!

Yes, this industry has a lot to show us – we just have to open ourselves more to different things.

About the Movie: Svaha – The Sixth Finger

The movie shows a mistery surrounding a Buddhist cult while it raises questions about faith in general. Which is incredible, once it makes you think about to which point your “faith” could be taken, induced or manipulated.

image source: kaist455

The movie starts when Geumhwa and her twin sister, called only as “thing”, are born. Geumhwa is born with a deformed leg – and the own story says the “thing” bit her, on their mother’s womb. Both grow up on a remote village with their grandparents. They raise dogs for a living and the “thing”, who shouldn’t live for long, is kept hidden from public eye, locked on a shed in the backyard.

The “normal” girl seems terrorized by her twin, as well as her grandparents – specially when her grandmother prays for the gods forgiveness for the way they treat the “thing”. Many were already suspicious by the way they acted, with windows and doors covered – so, some residents along with a shaman decide to go there and investigate the shed where the “thing” would be imprisioned.

But you wouldn’t expect anything normal of a scene like that, right? It’s then that snakes crawl out of where she lives and bite those who are there, frightening everyone.

image source: asian wiki

Meanwhile, pastor Parkone of the main characters in the movie – a man who works to expose cults, is hired to investigate a misterious group called Deer Mountain. At the same time, the police also starts investigating the group when one of its members is the main suspect of a girl’s murder – whose body was found burried in concrete.

And that’s when our adventures with ghosts of children and people who were killed with no reason, who haunt those people, start.

I’m not gonna talk a lot about the story, or else the spoilers will be huge!

Although, during the plot, many mysteries show up and at the end we don’t expect in any way to find out who really was behind everything.

That moment was really incredible for me!

image source: decider

The story tells not only the plots of the twin sisters and pastor Park, who search for answers. But it also tells the story of the leader of a Buddhist cultthat was seen as Buddha himself on earth – and his faithful “wind guardians”also treated as his sons: children who lived on a detention center before.

The writings of Deer Mountain talk about 81 “snakes” that will come to kill “the light”.

And guys, it was just genius seeing how the story around the sacred writings unfolded inserted on its context, many times using both real and fantasy. They are little things we pick up during the movie and we see there’s only a meaning at the end.

I think that the part that got more of my attention was about why the killings towards girls born in 99 happened. A Tibetan monk who talks with Pastor Park explains that the person they’re searching for, Kim Je-Seuk, is a man with twelve fingers – on the story, it’s a signal of holiness – who, besides being immortal, has more than a hundred years and was born on 1899.

image source: high on films

The historical factor mixes with the religious one was something that matched perfectly with the story and the horror it giveseven so because the killers are tormented by the spirits of those they killed. And we see this a lot on South Korean movies, reflexions about why that happened and mainly the combination of faith with what you really see.

There are many times that religion thinks it’s absolute, above good and evil, and it does take to a certain manipulation. On the movie story, it’s something very important, because each point of it shows that what we’re dealing with isn’t always the truth.

It shows us that it’s always important to know, ponder and think about it, be it about religion or anything else we get involved.

image source: youtube

Main Plot Elements

During my deeper research about the movie, it was possible to realize that although Buddhism and esoteric matters are the main focus of the plot, there are also elements of Maitreya, Shichuan and references to the Christian Biblesomething that I had already noticed during the movie.

For instance, when the twins are born, there are references to the biblical brothers Esau and Jacob. Jacob would have been born with the heel of his twin brother. On the movie, it’s similar to when the “thing” survived on the uterus biting or “eating” the leg of her twin sister.

There are references to the Massacre of the Innocents, when – just like King Herod, the GreatKim Je-Seuk killed all children born in a certain spot to get rid of an enemy that was foreseen to defeat him.

During the movie, there was obviously some people and organizations that weren’t in favour of its theme and how it was shown to the public, but, still, it didn’t stop the movie from being a success.

Bringing on its first day on the big screen, on February 20th, 2019, more than 190.000 spectators, on the second day it exceeded 2 million spectators – bringing a total of around 2.19 million spectators. This results in sells of 20.007.508.194 wons, which is around 16.481.474,98 dolars.

I hope you take this recommendation seriously and watch this excelent movie. Whenever I can, I’m talking about it to people and it was very nice bringing it to the website on today’s post.

The movie can be found on Netflix.

I hope you liked it and don’t forget to leave your comment below with your opinion on the movie for the Sisterhood of the Moon!

Here’s the trailer for you:

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