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Lunar Popcorn: The Call, You Will Want To Answer

This week, I decided to talk about the horror movie (which is more of a good thriller) The Call, on Netflix.

Movie Poster – image source: Heaven of Horror

I watched just as it was released and I freaked out, simply gone nuts, really, it’s a plot that I – as a good horror/thriller movies lover – don’t remember seeing around. Only after I learnt it was an adaptation of the British/Puerto Rico movie, The Caller, but only by seeing the trailer of the 2011 movie I could notice it’s a very diferent version and very authoral.

Without taking into acount the excelent acting of the cast, specially Park Shinhye that remains a spectacle on movies on the genre – I also watched #Ailve and it’s very interesting. Before, I only knew her work on romantic Korean dramas, but my opinion after seeing her in roles like this is that apart from being beautiful – I’m in love with her, yes – she is very versatile! She had already acted in other movies on the genre, but those were the first I watched.

Well, if you let me, I’ll talk about Shinhye the whole day, and maybe she’ll get a special post one of those days, but focusing on the movie, grab your popcorn and come with be through this bizarre call.

Direction and Cast

Let’s start by talking about this excelent direction, that tied everything so well, the plot from start to finish, grabbing our attention from the start and surprising us every minute the plot goes by – seriously, guys, I was very surprised with the plot.

The director is Lee Chunghyun, born in 1990 in South Korea. He started with short movies, when he was still an art college student. Some titles as Tell Me (2007) and Open the Window (2008), and even won some contests around the same time!

Director Lee Chunghyun – Image source: Getty Images

However, when he got to University, he turned his attention to specializing in media communication and journalism and ended up working on a marketing agency when he finnished University. He finally gave cinema another shot on 2015 with the movie Bargain, that marked a turn on his career. The movie consists on a 14 minute take and talks about prostituition of minors and won the award 40.000 Blows of Best Action-Thriller Movie, as well as the Cinephile Busan Awards and the Special Mention from the juri on the Busan International Short Movie Festival.

He got to the cinema studio Yong Film, where he was trained for producing movies and there he kickstarted his career as a movie director.

Starred by Jeon Jongseo and Park Shinhye, the inovative thriller The Call (2020) was released on Netflix instead of cinemas because of the COVID-19 pandemics. I don’t know if that’s good or bad for the producers and the ticket seeling, but I think it was a good move, where the movie can get to more people during this period and even manage to watch at the safety of their homes.

Top left Shinhye, top right Jongseo, bottom left Sungryung and bottom right Lee El – image source: HelloKpop

Apart from the great Jongseo and Shinhye, the cast has great names such as Lee El (Goblin), Kim Sungryung (The Heirs) and Oh Jungse (Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal)us, faithful kdrama watchers, are always happy in seeing our favourite actors, from the TV screens to the big screens.

Why Shouldn’t You Miss This Call?

If you’re a fan of intelligent horror/thriller movies, divided between past and present and with exorcism rituals, this is a call you’ll clearly want to answer!

Movie poster – image source filmow

It all starts when Seoyeon (Park Shinhye) goes back to the old family country home. Her mother is very sick, so Seoyoeon – as the only daughter and responsible for the property – goes back to the city and the house, even if against her will. On the trip to the place, she loses her cellphone and that makes her search and soon find an old phone her family used.

On the hopes that the one who found her phone returns the contact to that number, she leaves the phone on and working, and like that she starts getting constant calls – very weird ones – from Youngsook (Jeon Jongseo), a girl her age – asking for help and searching for someone she doesn’t know.

Movie still – Image source: MOVIESandMANIA

Seoyeon is baffled by those calls and decides to know more about her new friend in speculations and finds out they live in the same house, but in different times. Until then, ok, weird, but it was something new – if it was me, I’d run away or burned the phone hahaha – but once we’re talking about a thriller movie, and not drama or overcoming difficulties, where one help the other having a different life, bad things start to happen and that’s when we start freaking out with the plot we had no idea of.

Movie still – image source: Leisurebyte

I’ll stop here, because I think I gave too many spoilers, and we don’t want to spoil the experience of watching this movie, right? No, we don’t want to. I’m just saying it makes us happy, sad and, sometimes, confused, with a lot of rage during the 1h52min of movie.

Watch The Call

And here, as all the times we’re together, here goes my recommendation, really watch this movie – you won’t regret and, if you want to, comment down below what you think about it and let’s chat.

The movie is available on Netflix:

Movie Trailer

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