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Lunar Popcorn: The Grinch and the Magic of Christmas

On this time of the year, on a snowflake, something magic happened: in a Christmas day, the Grinch appeared on Whoville and stole the who’s Christmas, one of the most important holidays of the year.

Today I, Sel, bring you one of my favourite Chrismas movies, known by many and also – for most incredible it might be – unknown by many.

On my humble opinion, one of the best and most representative movies in the genre.

Are you ready to take a stroll on Whoville? Because I’m more than ready to take you with me directly to Grinch’s cove, on the northerns mountains of Whoville.

ps: you might seize the moment to put a nice song to get on the mood, who doesn’t love a good Christmas song?

image source: nottingham post

The Grich, for those who don’t know, is a “Who” – obviously a little different from everyone: his colours, fur and also sense of humor has always stood out. Grinch was green, furry and a little evil and sarcastic – as a friend of mine would say, “rustic but with a good heart” – and, as all whos and people on this world, he had his heart beating on his chest.

It’s fun to watch Grinch today and see how much people nowadays grow up and become like him. His representation is obviously regarding believing in Christmas and his hurt towards union, but many important subjects are mentioned as the story of each of the whos progresses.

After all, who was Grinch and why was he so different from others?

image source: chronicle live

Even if I wasn’t that much excited regarding Christmas, once I’ve never really celebrated it – only eating like a pig, because let’s agree, that’s the best time of the year for food – Christmas was always a masterpiece for me regarding movies and songs and mostly because Grinch existed: my favourite main attraction – after all, who needs Santa Claus?

This sounded terribly bitter, I apologize in advance.

image source: vanity fair

The who have the tradition on taking the Christmas completely serious. Christmas is about shopping, foods and, most of all, family – for them and Cindy Lou, Lou’s daughter, they decided their mission and Christmas miracle would be making Grinch believe on Christmas Magic and eventually on kindness in general.

He wen through many terrible things – like bullying for being different – and that makes his mission completely the opposite of the little girl: he started to make his heart grow even smaller and the kindness that inhabited him. If he didn’t have feelings because of those who made him that way, why not make them feel the same? Why not steal Christmas from the who?

image source: metro uk

The Grinch, in a Christmas day, along with his faithfull esquire Max, stole Christmas from Whoville – and it’s here, exactly here, that each time I look closer, I realize what I really love about this story.

The matter of Grinch, even wanting evel for all for a long time because they made him suffer, and even more, making that he himself excluded on the mountains, getting distant of all and mostly of his “humanity”, took long years to try some sort of revenge – and that was started by ended up being ridiculed when giving the citizens of Whoville to show themselves different from the previous years.

Everyone feared Grinch, but why? Why did they fear him if they “created him”?

image source: cosmopolitan

Cindy Lou didn’t fear him, but tried to be his friend once he saved her; that means she was sympathetic towards him and his idea of Christmas or that knew Grinch lived without a family for years – once that he rejected everyone, even the women who raised him, after not taking the jokes about him and his looks anymore and his love for Marta.

image source: time

That’s right, the Grinch knows what love is and I say even more, deep down, in his diminute heart filled with spider webs, he still knew it and wanted to experience it.

The Grinch is different: he loves, gets disappointed, humiliated and, the most important of all, even him liking it or not wanting it, he cares.

He cares about not having someone with him or not being accepted – and it’s because of that he gets away from everyone and does evil, so he wouldn’t feel. He is so good that, at the end, he forgives.

image source: syfy

In my opinion, his personality is something that during a phase of our lives – or many of them – we all adopt. We are let down and left behind, being taken to not believe in life’s magic or the universe’s and its surprises – after all, there’ll always be people like the mayor who thought he was better than the Grinch. And those people aren’t and shouldn’t be reasons for us to isolate ourselves.

Christmas is something warm for many and lonely for many as well – like this year, that many people are having a hard time seeing their families and friends because of the moment we are going through.

In my opinion, even if Christmas wasn’t something so packed with celebrations, my best memories are with my family and will always be my favourite memories, until the moment I had them close. Eating with my grandparents and my mom after getting home and in family, sitting at a big table, laughing or watching movies together after dinner, will always be something I’ll remember even if I don’t have them anymore.

Do you feel lonely this Christmas?

Be for the reason of many that, because of the pandemics, have no way of spending Christmas with their families or for other reasons, whatever they may be, know that you’ll always have someone different in your life, like Cindy Lou.

image source: filmkrant

Obviously, the Grinch has many interpretations: the Christmas solitude in pandemic times is just one of them. One of the main ones seen by the general audience is that it ended up becoming an Anti-consumism icon. On the release of the first story in 1957, Christmas already wasn’t just about good moments, family union and coexisting. In fact, the holiday was already part of the worldwide consumism.

Dr. Seuss, Grinch’s creator, made this green, furry and grumpy creature with a strong personality and hatred towards Christmas and his evident hubris characterized because of this, an anti-consumist symbol. His parody on Christmas times teaches us a non conforming attitude towards the worldwide phenomenon known by its inversion to feel adequate to the occasion.

In many countries or cultures, the very well known end of the year shopping are inserted on their routines, which leads to debts on the next year or even shopping things that aren’t really necessary.

image source: empire online

The real story isn’t about a character that hated Christmas, but about a character who stole presents and sabotaged Christmas decorations to teach the “Whos” that Christmas is much more than material things: it’s union.

And you, how are you on this years end? How was your Christmas?

We from the Sisterhood of the Moon wish you happy holidays – may you enjoy your Christmas and family the best you can and make good memories.

And always remember: you’re never alone!

Merry Grinchmas!

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