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Lune Festa: Lune Station’s Moon Festival!

“Train arriving at Platform 3, be ready to exit on the next stop: Lune Festa”

Have you ever heard of Chuseok (추석)? No? What about the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節, 中秋节)? Also haven’t heard of it? How about Tsukimi (月見)?

Chuseok – celebrated in South KoreaMid-Autumn Festival – celebrated in China – and Tsukimi – celebrated in Japan – have one thing in common: they are the famous Moon Festivals!

About the Moon Festival

South Korea

At Korea, it’s celebrated during three days – on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the lunar calendar. Yes! Once it’s used a different calendar to set the date of this festival, the exact Chuseok date may change from year to year.

What doesn’t change is the celebration of the harvest moon, bringing Autumn’s prosperity – and, with it, traditional dishes that are prepared during this time of year, including the classic songpyeon (sweet rice cakes in the shape of half moons)!


Traveling to China, the Mid-Autumn Festival – or Moon Festival – is one of the most important holidays on the year. It also uses the lunar calendar, so the festival is on the 15th day of the 8th month. The main goal is also celebrating the harvest moon – once that in ancient times that depended on agriculture, it was noticed how the moon affected the harvest cycles.

It’s a festival to gather around family, make offerings to the moon and taste the well known mooncakes by the way, many recipes can be found on Youtube if you search “mooncakes”.


Now on the island of Japan, Tsukimi follows the same logic of the moon calendar – remember? 15th day of the 8th month! Bearing its origin’s heritage, Tsukimi also celebrates the harvest moon and aims to “moon watching” during the festival.

Regarding food, there’s tsukimi dango: a sweet simple rice cake, round, that resembles the full moon a lot – altough, its shape can change according to Japan’s region. There’s also the famous mochi and many using bunnies as a theme, taking into account the famous moon rabbit legend.

But that’s a story for another post.

Lune Station

If you search for each festival name, Google will give you the date in which they’ll be celebrated! This year, all three moon festivals are on October 1st – coincidentally, the date we chose to launch Lune Station!

Yes, it was a coincidence. I myself only noticed that when I started researching more on the festivals to write this post – I think you already read on Selene’s post that this kind of coincidence is Michael’s work, but in case you haven’t read yet:

Therefore, to stablish our own festival, we decided to set annually, during the first week of October, we’ll have the Lune Festaour very own moon festival!

Lune Festa 2020

Once this year is our launch party, we chose a very special theme for Lune Festa 2020: the Moon!

Muse of our blog – and home to our lunar station along with our faithful assistant bunnies – each one of us selected a special theme to bring as a content next week, as long as they are related to the moon!

How will we do it, then? Check out our post itinerary for Lune Festa 2020!

  • October, 6 – Tuesday –  Lunar Popcorn: Sailor Moon Classic and the Moon Rabbit Legend, by Artemis
  • October, 8 – Tuesday – Lune Records: Mixtape Mono and the Moonchild, by Hekate
  • October, 10 – Saturday – Lunar Popcorn: History of Film With Geórge Méliès and Le Voyage Dans Le Lune, by Selene

Our goal is to bring even more interesting things during Lune Festa and make it an interactive, informative and fun holidayour own Moon Festival that you’ll always be invited to celebrate with us! We’ll start small, but a simple step for us will be, someday, a great step for those who decide to check Lune Festa as a lunar holiday on their own calendars.

The content we’ll bring for our moon party will be made with a lot of care and love – we hope to present you curiosities, new worlds and bring you with us on our train of knowledge to great horizons!

We’ll hope you’ll celebrate Lune Festa 2020 with us – the first of many Lunar Festivals!

Known here on the Moon as Artemis, my name here on Earth is Kadine. I consider myself from Serra Negra – and I'm an Aries ascending in Scorpio. Interested on everything artistical, I have a weak spot for researching obscure things! Museum adventurer, I buy more books than I can read, super interested in other languages and cultures, tea and mug collector, writer on my free time and night gamer so I can rage with constant invaders on Dark Souls (and relax with Devil May Cry or Resident Evil).