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Lune Records: Mixtape Mono, Moonchild and the Child of the Moon! – Lune Festa 2020

As the son of the Moon himself, Kim Namjoon says in Moonchild’s lyrics: “Moonchild, you shine. When Moon rise, it’s your time”. Let’s shine: that’s our moment, moon children, this post is for us!

I, Hekate, am simply in love with music in general – and that includes artists from all over the world, art expressed in all kinds of languages that I’m lucky to find in my life.

With South Korean artists it wasn’t different: my passion for Korean culture – you’ll get to know in another post – obviously doesn’t sum it up only by liking its music.

Moonchild’s lyric video: the song of Moon children

To those of you who do not know it, Moonchild is part of Playlist Mono: second Mixtape from the singer, composer, producer and leader of one of the biggest boy groups nowadays, South Korean Kim Namjoon (who also responds by his artist name RM, confirmed by himself to mean Real Me).

This song came to me as a word of comfort – a hug, really – and showed me that I definitely wasn’t alone amidst all my feelings.

It was as if I found my place. And I believe – as I read some statements on social media back when it was first out – that many other people felt the same thing I did.

Therefore, this was one of the reasons why I chose to talk about this song: once it’s more than lyrics and melody – and not only this song, but the project as a whole, which has seven songs – it’s as if having a good conversation or a comfort from a good friendship.

Mono doesn’t brings us to the Moon, as Moonchild also isn’t just that: it’s a collection of feelings and sensations, which makes everything even more special.

(In addition, if you guys want to know more about Lune Festa’s itinerary this year, everything is very well explained on our dear Art’s post: Lune Festa – Lune Station’s Moon Festival)

Are you ready to get to know more about this amazing song, it’s writer and the whole project? Come with Hek, we’ll hop on my train wagon and travel to that train station!

About Kim Namjoon and His Lunar Creation: Mono

Kim Namjoon (RM) writer and singer of Mono (image source: bangtan oficial no facebook)

RM is one of my favourite artists in the world – not only because his groups success, but for all his baggage. Apart from singing, RM composes and collaborates on the compositions and productions of their songs – his passion for the musical world is, in my opinion, the main ingredient for all the admiration that I and many other people feel.

Kim Namjoon (김남준), as already mentioned, is a South Korean artist, born in September 12, 1994, on Ilsan-gu.

He started his musical career underground and, a few years later, debuted as leader of the group BTS (방탄소년단). At the beginning of the group, being from a small company – back then, of course, because today BigHit Entertainment is one of the most powerful and influent entertainment agencies from South Korea – they went through many hardships, but it was only one more reason for them to fight and conquer all their success, a few years later.

In 2015, Namjoon released his first mixtape with the title RM, and, differently from Mono, the lyrics and the beat are agitated and “aggressive” – showing, back then, Rap Monster‘s face: the stage name he used around and how he was known.

In November 2017, he officially changed his stage name to RM, once he felt “Rap Monsterdid not represent him anymore – and it was from this change that Mono started to take shape.

In a livestream posted at Vlive App in November 2018, Namjoon confessed he had been working on some songs for Mono for a while – that at the end of 2016 until the beginning of 2018, when he decided to take the project seriously, he was going through a moment of self analysis, because he felt, for too long, monotonous: wearing and using monochromatic things, feeling like that wasn’t the way he wanted to express himself for the world.

With that said, Mono came in with that soul: of who he was for a long time, who he was at the moment and what he wanted to stop feeling from that day on.

Drawing of RM producing Mono, done by our Artemis (image source: Lune Station/Artemis – do not use without authorization!)

For this new project, he thought that “mixtape” or “album” did not fit the title – and since Namjoon, Min Yoongi (민윤기) and Jung Hoseok (정호석) (members from BTS) had already released one mixtape each, he decided to use “playlist“. Once playlists are easy to carry and found on online platforms and streaming services, and since this project was lighter and thought for online hosting, the term was a perfect fit.

Namjoon decided to launch in this format once nowadays albuns, discs, CDs and mixtapes are too trivialized; that people listen only to the main track or only to the main singles and forget all the rest, not giving opportunity to other pieces.

That way, he did Mono in a format that people feel free to listen to all tracks, as if all the songs talked to each other or complimented themselves somehow. It was an idea with melodic, lyrics and construction combination as a whole.

Regarding the lyrics, Namjoon said on the same live in his own explanation that he didn’t want to nor meant to describe what the playlist is about: he wrote the songs as if they’re poems and poems are read, felt and interpreted by each and everyone that gets to it in a different manner – and it was in that way he wanted to work with that content. Of course, he gave a brief explanation regarding his feelings and production methods of each song, but nothing that explains completely each one.

Thinking of it, and reading Moonchild’s lyric by myself, that’s why I really chose to talk about it on this special day, because it will be my point of view on this wonderful piece.

Moonchild, You Shine…

(Image taken from Moonchild’s official MV on Youtube)

The explanation RM gave to this song was that Moonchild is to those who like the night better; it was done for the children of the night.

On the lyrics he mentions “those who are incapable of breathing on daylight”: people that feel trapped by their social activities – such as jobs, studies or anything else like that. He says that, back when he created the song, he believed the night would set him free from all the feelings from day to day.

To me, who is a child of the moon, I always lived my best during the night, and even if it isn’t healthy – I know – I easily switch day for night. The feeling I get when I hear the melody or read the lyrics of Moonchild is that it talks personally to my soul. Of all songs from the playlist that is Mono, the one that comforts me the most from being who I am is this one.

On the lyrics we have verses like “It’s okay to shed the tears, but don’t you tear yourself” – which shows us that it’s ok if we don’t feel well sometimes, or not being the “normal” of loving a life during the day; it’s ok if we want to cry and purge all our feelings, we just cannot let it destroy us; our existence is bigger than any problem.

The Moon as seen on Moonchild’s MV (image source: MV oficial)

After this verse, we have “Moonchild you shine, when moon rise, it’s your time” – which, to me, is nothing more than a real comfort to the soul: it shows that we have our time and space in the world; when the celestial body of light that guides us rises, it is our time to shine, to lift our heads, to be as strong and bright as the moonlightan energy as powerful as sunlight.

There’s nothing wrong on being a child of the night, as there’s nothing wrong on being a child of the day, each one has their moment to shine and light up the sky.

I believe the lyrics and the message that it has to give us are much more profound that the figurative manner in which I inspired my interpretation – but, as RM said, I wanted people to to live this experience in a complete way, to interpret them as poems and, in my point of view, the poetry he wanted to show us was that “We are the same, we have similar feelings and thoughts; you are not alone in this world: it isn’t wrong to be and love who you are”.

And that’s it: the way this kind of love gets to fans is what makes everything even more special; to see that the artist sees himself represented and pictured on his own art in such an intimate way, so personal and so necessary to the existence of so many other lives.

We’re born in the moonlight, ain’t no fantasy”

“Nós nascemos sob a luz do luar, isso não é uma fantasia.”

Portuguese Translation

Still About Mono.

Released in October 23, 2018, by Big Hit Entertainment, Mono is incredibly beautiful and touching: it talks about feelings of melancholia, solitude and love the artist was carrying in his heart during all the experience that is to be a worldwide known musician – today and even back at the release.

Namjoon describes the project, during statements, as more of a friend than anything else and hopes his music gives some sort of comfort, answer or whatever it is needed to those who need it.

The first song that launched the playlist was Forever Rain, which RM released the MV two days after announcing the name and the tracklist. He explained doing it this way for people to hear and feel it with open minds and hearts – without hastly worrying about what it meant. He wanted to bring something that people felt and remembered him for a long while.

Forever Rain MV

While talking live about the project, he focused more on telling the stories behind the productions and how it came to conclusion – as well as the collaborations on each title – which, in my humble opinion, was genius: he left it open to interpretation and feelings, as each human individually feels and lives that experience in their own way.

Playlist Mono on Spotify!

And even though it was released for free, it reached first on iTunes on 102 countries, becoming the Korean album with largest numbers of #1 on iTunes and the first asian album to conquer that, until that date.

Bonus: BTS Hops On The Train To The Moon!

BTS, during Dynamite’s MV making of (image source: bangtan oficial no facebook)

To those who don’t know them, the South Korean Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단) is a kpop group, composed by seven men in their twenties – being Kim Namjoon (김남준), Kim Seokjin (김석진), Min Yoongi (민윤기), Jung Hoseok (정호석), Park Jimin (박지민), Kim Taehyung (김태형) e Jeon Jungkook (전정국). They are also known, though, by their stage names: RMJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV e Jungkook, respectively. The group debuted in June 13, 2013 by BigHit Entertainment.

The Moon is an element they use a lot. Be it on accessories – such as earrings, necklaces or clothing patterns – or on their songs and stage backgrounds – as it was recently used on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. With titles like Moon, Jin’s solo song on their last album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7; Moonlight, from Suga’s (AgustD) second mixtape; and some other mentions of the moon and the universe, it’s clear to those who follow their career there’s a connection to it.

Such a connection that, with the help from their fans, NASAthat’s it, the NASAincluded the songs Moonchild, Mikrokosmos and 134340 on the playlist they put together to the voyage to the moon and back, on 2024, in order to celebrate 50 years of the first time the man stepped on the satellite that orbits Earth.

Awesome, don’t you think? We from the Sisterhood of the Moon think so too! Tell us what you think on the comments below!

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