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Directly from South Korea to the world
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singer and composer Paul Kim

Nowadays, it’s common seeing diverse cultures spreaded around the world and that is one of the main Lune Station’s objectives too. To bring content diversity with diverse tastes and opinions we all have.

It’s precisely because of that, the passengers today are with booked destination to a very special voyage. On our destination today with the composer’s week still active, I, Selene, birng you one of my favourite composers: Paul Kim.

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Kim Tae-hyeong, or commonly known as Paul Kim, born in February 11, 1988, is a South Korean singer and composer that had his debut on the entretainment world in 2014, releasing to extended pieces and two complete albums in two parts The Road (2017) and Tunnel (2018), and also in two parts: Heart , One (2019) and Heart, Two (2020).


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As said before, Kim was born on South Korea and lived on New Zealand for five years, where he attended high school, so he has an incredible English that allows him an easier access to a bigger audience. And it isn’t just that, he also got to an international school on Japan, studying accounting and marketing at college, but realizing he never wanted to become a firm employee or work in a building doing paperwork, he returned to South Korea to start his incredible musical career.

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Paul is reknown for his “osts” on Kdramas – which would be soundtracks played during short series of Korean origin. The audience for this type of entretainment as Kdramas, Kpop among others ended up being something very common to see nowadays, specially among digital means and we can’t deny, this public only increases absurdly as the years go by. What takes us to a bigger reknown and where my interest by Paul Kim’s career started.

The main soundtracks by him:

  • Dream – The King: Eternal Monarch
  • Goodbye – Hotel del Luna
  • Inexplicable – theme for WHY
  • Every day, Every Moment – Should We Kiss First
  • Goodbye Kiss – The Black Knight
  • Hey – Love Playlist 2 (2017)

I’d like to express my love for “Every Day, Every Moment” of the Kdrama “Should we kiss first“ one of his most known osts, winning even the “Golden Disc Award Best OST” on 2018.

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The kdrama in itself tells the story of Son Moo Han, a single man who works as production manager on the biggest publicity company on the country.

There was a time he was very envolved in his work action, writing new projects all day. But today, the only time he takes a pen on his hands it’s to underline keywords during meetings.

He became that old man no one listens to, that everyone in the office secretly wishes to leave. Behind his back, his colleagues call him “money eating ghost” and “zombie who always comes back to work”. Seen as intolerant and lacking humor, people tend to avoid him at all costs.

Ahn Soo Jin, a flight attendant who gave up love after losing her only child. She is a woman who went through such bad moments, who suffered so much during her life, she doesn’t have space on her imagination to expect a happy ending.

When they meet, they comfort each other and start a relationship.

Despite the successes of Paul Kim with soundtracks, his solo songs also reach a great volume audience. Paul and his songs are extremely profound and emotional, which makes him tirelessly stand out.

His biggest successes, being those my favourites, would be:

  • Me After You 
  • But I’ll Miss You
  • Not Over Yet 
  • Every Day, Every Moment 
  • Traffic Light 
  • Letter
“The Road” Single – Paul Kim
(image source: hallyumusic)

And specially “The Road” are proofs of how much he dedicated and dedicates to his career. He applies it to all those who are going through struggles on making their dreams come true or completing their life objectives.

“The time I spent to become a singer was precious, but difficult. I dedicate this song to all those people who are fighting to make their dreams come true.”

– Paul Kim
Me After You
“Me after You” single – Paul Kim
(Credito de imagem: smule)

And the biggest proof of that on his career, besides many awards he won as a soloist, was the show Begin Again.

Begin Again

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A show where many reknown South Korean musicians travel to the exterior, to places where no one knows anything about them, and make street events, meaning, Buskings.

They perform and show their talent to people from other countries through their performance, as if they were at the start of their careers again.

For the 4th season (Begin Again Korea), differently from the 3 previous seasons, the members of the cast traveled through South Korea to conduct Social Distancing Busking. The main objective is to show music as a gift, to comfort Korean citizens who went through difficult moments because of the COVID-19 pandemics.

The show is by far one of my favourites, the songs and specially the synergy of each of them shows the meaning of music not only for them but for the ones who have the opportunity to appreciate a moment like that, of sitting and listening to an artist you probably never heard of.

(image source:

Curiosities on the show:

Great names from the entretainment world nowadays, like Crush, Lee So-Ra, Su Hyun, Lee Hi, Paul Kim were on the show, voices really reknown for standing out on the country.

  • Begin Again is a South Korean television show on JTBC;
  • The 1st season went live at Sundays, at 22:30 (KST), starting on June 25 to September 10, 2017;
  • The 2nd season went live at Fridays, at 21:20 (KST), starting on Mach 30 to June 29, 2018;
  • The 3rd season went live at Fridays, at 21:00 (KST), starting on July 19 to November 8, 2019;
  • The 4th season went live at Saturdays, at 23:00 (KST), starting on June 06 to July 4th, 2020 and at Sundays, at 23:00 (KST) on July 12 to August 9.

The 1st season was starred by the musicians Lee So-ra , You Hee-yeol , Yoon Do-hyun and the artist Noh Hong-chul; the project group being called Begin Us.

The 2nd season starred Kim Yoon-ah ( Jaurim ), Lee Sun-kyu  (AKMU), Yoon Gun (ex- Brown Eyes ) and Roy Kim, with Jeong Se-woon joining the team later in a show.

The second team was formed by Lena Park , Hareem, Henry e Lee Su-hyun.

The 3rd season starred Lena Park , Hareem,  Henry and Lee Su-hyun, which featured on the 2nd season as Family Band, was asked by many fans to reunite again, by the side of new members Lim Heon-il and Kim Feel, forming the first team of the season.

The second team on the season was made by Lee Juck , Taeyeon ( Girls ‘Generation ), Paul Kim , Jukjae e Kim Hyun-woo ( DickPunks ) – on my opinion, one of the best teams, because the idea of getting together Taeyeon, Jukjae and Paul Kim was extraordinary and no one can deny it.

Begin Again 3rd season: Paul Kim & Taeyeon

The 4th season, also known as Begin Again Korea (비긴 어게인 as) because there aren’t any international travels on it because of the COVID-19 pandemics, starred Lee So-ra (1st season), Henry , Lee Su-hyun, Hareem  (seasons 2 and 3), Jukjae (3rd season), Crush and Jung Seung-hwan

  • Lee Hi also joined on episode 4th to 6th (and episode 10);
  • Sohyang joined on episode 6;

There’s also an end of the year special called Begin Again Reunion which went live on December 22, 2020, with Yoon Do-hyun , Lim Heon-il, Paul Kim , Henry , Lee Hi and Lee Su-hyun .

Countries in which the show was recorded:

1st Season

  • Ireland
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • France

2nd Season

  • Portugal
  • Hungary

3rd Season

  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

4th Season 

  • Incheon International Airport
  • Daegu
  • Gangwon-do
  • Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Busan
  • Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do
  • Seoul
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If you’re curious to know more about this incredible artist, I’ll leave here an interview with him to the site Hello Asia, where he talks a lot about his personal experience in his composition process, family and inspirations that come since his childhood, as well as other cultures influences on him.

Interview to Hello Asia

The interview was done around 2017 but it’s totally comforting seeing how his career grew immensily from that year to the one we are now, 2021.

Being able to make a post about an artist with songs that are really good is something that is so good to me and the Sisterhood of the Moon hopes you liked it.

Paul Kim, Spotify:

Have you ever heard of Paul Kim? Leave your comment below so we can know your opinion on him until the next post.

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