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Passengers, our trip today is to the fantastic world where fallen angels and nefilims wage a secret war among each other, only for revenge. Today we’ll talk about the Book Series Hush, Hush.

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Hush, Hush is a fictional romance about angels from the North American writer Becca Fitzpatrick. Honestly, one of my favourites: I read a few years ago, around five years, and devoured the whole book series in less then a week.

The story is narrated by its protagonist, Nora Grey, who sees her life in danger when she starts to get to know the misterious new student on her school, called Patch Cipriano, who later reveals to be a fallen angel to whom she has a dark connection.

The romance was released in 2009 – I got late to it because it was the most read and sold book that year, around 100.000.000 copies and I didn’t even know about it.

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Nora is an extremely correct girl in my point of view, responsible and a good student, who always does things as they should be done, and who already has plans to get into a good college.

Nora sees her life change in a drastic manner when Patch meets her and becomes her new biology partner. He really knows how to manipulate a situation – those who have read it will understand why I said that.

Patch is the opposite: he is extremely handsome and misterious, I from the first moment couldn’t even imagine a better character than Patch – until meeting Newt on Maze Runner, of course. Even as the new guy in school, he is instrusive and a little too arrogant from the start, not hiding that in many situations he seemed to know more about the girl’s life than herself.

This obviously gets the reader hooked, at least it was what made me read without stopping for a moment – because, just like Nora who is driven to know more about his past and the motive behind his misterious behaviour, you feel like you HAVE to discover all that with her.

Which is a complicated process, once Nora starts to investigate Patch in a rather interesting way – like, for instance, following him through many places she never has been or would be dangerous to go alone. Just remembering scenes like the one in wich the person on a ski mask appears or the archangel roller coaster – my favourite of all – makes me want to read again to understand better some points that back then I probably let it slip.

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After something happens after the ride on the archangel roller coaster, Nora tells Patch she was thrown from the cart and he saved her from death. He ignores her and asks her to stay calm – it was the start for her to inevitably get closer to him, during this investigation, without knowing she’d be putting her life at risk, and she ends up getting into a story that is more connected to her than she thought.

Nora eventually finds out that Patch is actually a fallen angel who fell from Heaven for desiring a human life and that it seems like he wants to kill her because of her Nephilim descendence and having a human body of his own. All Patch wanted since he fell, in reality, was to become human and the only way to be one was to exchange his body with his vessel for fifteen days on a religious holiday. That’s how somehow, from the book of Enoch he found a way out, being that killing Nora so he could kill his also nephilim vessel Chauncey Langeais and become a human.

* Nephilim: Beings form the Bible, who are created through an union between the spiritual (sons of God) and the flesh (sons of men); they lived in pre-flood times and were known for their heroic deeds.

Meaning, children of angels with humans.

However, not only Nora but also Patch end up falling in love, what puts their lives at stakes, once a Nephilim seeks revenge against Patch.

As if it wasn’t enough investigating Patch’s past for sheer curiosity, she decides to investigate other things as she find them, like the murder case in wich Elliot, a guy her friend Vee insisted in making her date, was envolved.

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Obviously, Hush Hush isn’t for everyone, both for its genre and maybe for a few details of the story seeming too new, but it’s certainly a story that gets the attention of the reader, with scenes that makes us think that Patch fullfilled is objective of killing Nora, but always backs down on it, alwas making her seem like she’s crazy – hello archangel roller coaster scene, yes I’m talking about you once more – Patch’s provocations, Nora getting out her comfort zone and discovering there’s a world far more intense than her good grades to get on college and specially moments like her touching her scars or getting into her memories like the first time she visited one from 8 months before knowing him. All those are one hell of a combo for the reader to maintain 100% focused on the story.

Complete Book Series:

Crescendo: It tells the story of how Nora Grey’s life transforms from one to antoher – everything is ok in her relationship with now her guardian angel Patch. This same guardian angel starts to back away and even indicate his interest is now in Marcie Millar (childhood nemesis of Nora), and a new obsession arises: to find out what really happened on the night her father went to Portland and never came back.

The 4 volumes of the book series
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The more Nora investigates about all those misteries, the more she asks if her Nephilim lineage has something in common with recent happenings. Taking the story as a protagonist, once she doesn’t really know if she can count on Patch for he seems to be hiding things from her.

Silence: Nora wakes up on a cemetery and doesn’t remember what happened on the last 5 months. After waking up, she goes to her mother’s house and discovers she disappeared for 11 weeks and Hank Millar (Marcie Millar’s father) apart from dating her mother was offering a reward for someone to find her. With time, and with the help of her Nephilim friend, she discovers her past. She gets to know a boy and he presents as Jev, but later she finds out he is in truth her ex-boyfriend Patch and he needed to change his name.

Finale: Nora and Patch thought their problems were behind them. Hank was dead, his revenge wish didn’t have to be taken forward. In the absence of the Black Hand, Nora was forced to become the leader of the Nephilim army and finish what her father had started – which originally meant destroying the fallen angel’s race. Destroying Patch. Nora would never let that happen, so she makes a plan with Patch. Their objective is to end the war even before it explodes. Nora and Patch need to face their differences and decide between ignoring them or allowing them to destroy the love they always fought for.

  • The Hush Hush sequel, Crescendo, was released in October 2010 on USA and in February 2011 on Brazil;
  • The prologue and first chapter were released on the internet. It was confirmed by the author on her facebook that Crescendo would have a sequence, called Tempest, but later changed the name to Silence and released it in October 2011;
  • The last book on the series, called Finale, arrived to the bookstores at the end of 2012;
  • In July 2018, the author confirmed on her facebook page the rights were bought by BCDF Pictures and will be directed by Kellie Cyrus, director known for her work on the series: The Vampire Diaries, The Originals e Dynasty.

In August 2018, DEADLINE conformed the movie protagonists.

Chosen for the cast: Liana and Wolfgang
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  •  Liana Liberato and Wolfgang Novogratz were cast as Nora Grey and Patch Cipriano;
  • Because of the pandemics and the lockdown, a hiatus without estimated time for ending was announced a few days ago, to the sadness of the author who writes to you right now.

I chose this book series to talk about on this Luneteque special, because it was something that entretained me during my teenage years and I won’t lie, until this day the same effect remains, once I’m always re-reading it.

Have you ever heard of Hush Hush or another Becca Fitzpatrick book? Tell us in the comments – on the Sisterhood of the Moon we have different tastes, we’ll always bring news and posts about thigs that fascinate us and we want to share, like our post today. And we hope you like it!

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