Made in Abyss, Welcome to the Abyss!

For our comic week here at Lune Station, I decided to talk about a comic I liked a lot to get to know, with children’s characters and super cute. It’s filled with adventures and magical things and only seeing the cover or SOME of the manga’s illustrations, you might think it’s something cute and light to pass the time. And it’s really not the case here.

And this visual duality with the plot that makes things even more interesting – I myself like this, it seems we get more attached to the characters and, ok, that might impact a little our feelings when something bad happens.

Made In Abyss, as the name itself suggests, has its main scenery in an abyss! Yes, you red it right. An adventure inside an abyss, with different levels of magic, in a saga in search of other people and themselves.

Let’s get to know more about those characters and this abyss?

The Creators

With illustrations and writing of Akihito Tsukushi, Made In Abyss has a style that resembles a lot RPG games.

Akihito Tsukushi – Image source: Funnyjunk

Tsukushi, 41 years old, was born in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan. And before producing this work, he worked for a game company – Konami – for at least 10 years.

He started drawing – still in high school – where he tried to perfect his style in creatures filled with warts, because he really wanted the warts to be as realistic as possible. At the same time, he had contact with a school friend who drew cute things and then he started to adopt the style that today is on the drawings he does for Made In Abyss.

Cover from the first volume – Image source: Amazon

The manga was first serialized on the online magazine Web Comic Gamma. The title was then compiled in tankōbon volumes by Japanese editor Takeshobo. The success of the series granted a nomination to the 11th edition of the Great Manga Prize (Manga Taisho). And on Brazil, it was translated and released by NewPOP.

Welcome to the Abyss!

The story follows a young orphan, Riko, who lives in the Belchero Orphanage on the city of Orth – she has the desire to follow her mother’s steps and become a White Whistle (it’s a marking characteristics for few Delvers who are allowed to dive beyond the 5th level of the Abyss).

Reg and Riko – Image source:

Riko meets and befriends a humanlike robot named Reg and after a baloon from deep down the Abyss gets to the surface containing pages of discoveries made by Lyza (Riko’s mother), apart from a message to the girl informing she’s waiting at the bottom of the Abyss, she and Reg decide to go down the great crater on the hopes of finding her mother.

The abyss is nothing more than a crater on a lost island, discovered around 1900 years ago – with its origins and depth unkown – around the islands of the meridional ocean of Beolusk. It has an unique ecosystem, where you can find remains of an ancient civilization – but advanced.

Many defyied the mysterious Abyss, searching inumerous treasures and relics of great value. Many are treasure hunters in search of artifacts, while others are explorers determined to uncover the secrets the place hides. To explore, brave cave invaders called Delvers (also known as Cave Raiders, it’s a general term to refer to adventurers who dive deep in the Abyss to explore in order to uncover its secrets) appeared, and the city of Orth was stabilished on the verge of the Abyss.

The Abyss still contains many layers that were never seen – because they are very dangerous and defy the common sense with supernatural creatures adapted to the unique environment – those are the main obstacles for the explorers to advance layer by layer, apart from the enchantments and the Abyss’ Curse.

Through all the Abyss, there’s a mysterious force field that acts as its main source of energy. This source transports nutrients – produces light and maintains life, as the sun itself – and even if it’s present everywhere, it seems like it’s more and more present as one gets to the center. The most savage and dangerous creatures and frequently found where the force field prevails more, and the vegetation always point to the center of the hole – because this energy is the main source of energy to plants.

The Delvers use this fact to find their way when they are lost. The force field is invisible to the naked eye – but it can be found as a vague mist that limits the human vision – and it’s constantly in movement, following the councioussness of living beings. There are some spots in the Abyss, usually far from the center in isolated areas, where the force field doesn’t exist or is extremely weak.

Riko and Reg – Image source:

The great hole also seems to have some sort of time distortion. It’s evident by the fact that the deeper you go, the greater the sensation that time is breaking, with the effect becoming extreme beyond the 5th level.

Although the Abyss is filled with inumerous dangers and obstacles, one of the biggest challenges the Delvers go through is, actually, its ascention. That’s a phenomena called the Abyss’ Curse. The term refers to a series of symptoms that manifest as you go down the Abyss. The effects of the Curse manifest after going down around 10 meters inside the crater, and there’s no way to avoid bad things to happen, by conventional means.

The curse affects all living things; although the creatures that live on the place found ways to feel its flux and avoid it.

The deeper you explore, the stronger the symptoms. At first, it’s vertigo and nausea, gradually increasing to intense pain around the body, loss of senses and even death. This makes the trip back from the Abyss extremely difficult!

It isn’t difficult for Delvers to die on the way back to the surface. Specifically, the curse of the 6th level “loss of humanity or death” makes the trip back physically impossible to humans. Of course, there’s always one or another that manages to come back, and some places where the curse (that manifests when people get on the Abyss’ force field) doesn’t exist, or manifests itself in a lighter manner.

Reg and Riko – Image source: Trecobox

Get To Know More About The Abyss

I think we’ve already gone too far on this Abyss, right? Want to know more about Made In Abyss? Read the mangas, currently composed of 9 volumes!

Also, watch the anime that has one season and 13 chapters, here:

And do listen to the soundtrack, which is one of the best I’ve ever heard in my life.

Album 1:

Album 2:

That’s it! I hope you liked it and see you in the next post. Read all our recommendations this week!

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