Platform 2: About Us

“Platform 2, next stop: About us”

Second day of introductions, and one of the most special ones – after all, you will get to know how all of this was possible by introducing the creators of this website!

Also, in case you want to read abou the blog, you can find the info on our introduction post:

Who Are We: How Did We Meet?

On February, 20, 2020 a curious group was created – yes, a group created in a day with equal numbers, hello Michael. We already knew each other, but we didn’t have direct contact – I (Selene) was closer to Gabi (Hekate); as well as Kad (Artemis) was closer to her too. Before me, there were other trios and projects with them and with me, but nothing that actually worked.

And that’s how we decided that Lune Station would be born for the benefit of all.

I am the youngest between the three of us and also the one who lives far away, although I was born on the same state and even lived on the same city as them for a while. Our bonds were created when I was already living on a place farther away, that’s right: I wasn’t even on the same country as them.

Infinite kilometers away from them.

Our objectives, life phases and goals were always similar, so it was something that made us build complicity and made us create a project so we could show diverse things about us – after all, this was always the main goal: show what we are capable, our visions on the world and things inserted on it and, mainly, to be a part of it.

A Helper from Destiny: Michael

Therefore, Michael is, clearly, the main point of it all.

But you don’t know who Michael is, right?

Here we go on another journey, then.

Michael is the one who operates our mission to the Moon. He emerged amidst daydreams that would almost be visions of the future we desire and dream of – he, by means of many signs we had, showed us that we really should be united on this point of life as friends.

Michael is jumbled and grumpy; he works with destiny and space-time, leaving everything even more confused and freaking us out. He throws pieces of life at us and we grab them, making use of it – that’s how we got together; that’s how Lune Station was born.

Michael will be a future project of the blog too – that way you will know all the history behind it and why he is a character that we created; why he is something that united us even further.

Lune Station’s team is complete in talents and freaking out occasionally. Lots of fruitful projects and collabs both for you and for us will be done, so we hope you are ready to embark on a voyage with no end to the Moon!

With love,

It’s Lay time!!! I am Laysa, known better in this space as Selene. Born in the countryside of São Paulo and raised in many places. Aquarius child – yes, deal with it! – lover of everything connected to general culture, history, languages, books, random playlists, writing and photography. Also, I should make it clear: Film/Cinematography is my passion.